Wednesday, January 06, 2010

If for some reason this doesn't bore you to tears

Had my last (unless something nutty happens) ultrasound today! No biscuit pics because her face is planted into my lady parts (ow ow OW) and the scan was quick - just some head/belly/leg measurements.

I'm a little bored of typing medical updates, but simply put: today's appointment went really well. My gd GD is way under control (again - no one's even really sure I actually have it?), the lil' lady's in the 75th percentile for growth (still proportional, too, not just her belly - so most likely its genetics and not a blood sugar thing), she's in the right position, and now it's just time to wait! And wait and wait!

They see zero reason to induce and feel comfortable letting me go up to a week past my due date - which is a relief. (Not because I WANT to be pregnant for longer than 40 weeks - I DON'T - but because induction can = long, painful, unfruitful labor ending in a c-section. And no, I don't think a c-section is the end of the world - I just don't want to work my ass/crotch off when my body isn't ready yet and ultimately need surgery. Which hey - I may end up needing anyways, even without induction, because WHO KNOWS when it comes to labor.)

So! There ya go. Really happy that everything is looking so good. But also, admittedly, feeling a little...annoyed at all the hoopla I've gone through during this pregnancy.

(Your placenta might be too low! Resolved. Your cervix might be too short! Nope. Your baby is big because your blood sugar is too high! Prolly not. You might go into pre-term labor! No.)

When really, when you look at it standing back, my body's done just what it's supposed to. Sigh. I guess that's just Western medicine's motto, folks: best be safe than sorry. And since it's our first, I've been more willing to roll with the lots-of-appointment-punches because it's all new to me and I really do want to make sure everything is okay every step of the way. Next round, though, I might be going a more relaxed route. Just sayin'.

And on that note! Time to...not sleep!


  1. i'd get aggravated with all that bullshit, too, but at least little lady is doing well. :) she is almost here! yay!!

  2. Good thoughts about the induction. I went to 41 weeks 1 day and they wanted to induce, but I was so glad I did not opt for it. My mom was induced with my brother and had a bad experience, and granted that was 20 years ago but still. Stick it out, your body will do what it's supposed to!

  3. There's no stories to tell if it's a boring preg, and it's the stories that are carried forward thoughout the years. Adventure is everywhere in life and pregancy is one of the classic adventures.

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