Monday, January 25, 2010

The latest

Doobie doobie doo.

I've still got a biscuit inside.

She's rising and buttery and delicious.

But she's still cooking.

There have been hill walks and swims and tea parties and pizza dinners and crib setting upping and tiny clothes washing and name withholding (we're going strong, buddy!) and more hill walking. I would love to sit on the couch and stare at my 70's medical dramas on Netflix Instant, but I've gots to move this baby O-U-T, so I try to keep active (with gentle prodding from Clay and not-so-gentle prodding from Mom) for a good chunk of everyday.

I still feel basically good - except for lying down (ow!) and typing (puffy hands!) - and for that, I want to say THANK YOU, trusty body/baby vehicle. No varicose veins or stopped-up intestines or raging hormones. I just feel like me...with an enormous basketball leading the way.

My next biscuit check is Wednesday where I hope to have made some progress. And where my OB is going to - gulp - sweep my membranes. If you don't know what that means, I'll keep you innocent. If you do, then...pray for me.

Clay left this morning and will be back tomorrow - when he'll be back for good and done with traveling! Huzzah! Unless this baby pops out tonight (unlikely), daddy-o will be here without a crazy "WE LEFT KEVIN!" airport scramble. Phew and yay!

And that, dear friends, is the update! Time for brekky and then cleaning the kitchen floor and then yoga at the Y. A real soap opera around here. A real soap opera.


  1. a rising, buttery, delicious biscuit you say? she sounds purdy yummy in there. also, are you sure the father isn't the pillsbury doughboy? ;) she's cookin' up reeeeeal good in there!

    can't wait to meet her!!!!!! i sent you a private message on twitter - i need your address, ames!

  2. EEEEEE! Sorry, excited.

    I'm impressed that you're climbing hills in San Francisco. Really - that would be a big deal for me, even not pregnant.

    Crib pictures, or do those come later with the name (!!)?

  3. Glad things are still going strong, and she's not giving you too much trouble! Stay healthy and balance busy active with getting lots of rest for when that biscuit is here afterwards!

    The name, the naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!


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