Friday, January 29, 2010

Bumpdate: 38 weeks, 2 days

Yes, I'm in my underwear. No, I don't mind.

Hopefully you don't either?

Or Clay?

I think biscuit bubba might be a little lower today. She's definitely pushing some...things out of my body.

I should have titled this post: Getting Too Intimate With Amy.

We'll leave it at that, good people of the world. But hopefully a sign that things are hap-happening!

And now, a bath for my aching back. (Pray I don't eat the bath salts, my new pica obsession.)


  1. umm. really? not even say...sweat pants?

  2. I was en route to bath when you reminded me I was shirking my duties! Too much work to get re-dressed.

  3. you're my idol, ames. and i'm glad you don't mind posting this picture because it's beautiful. you are such a beautiful pregnant woman, you should flaunt it. well.. only a little. (sorry clay)

    aching back though.. that could mean the start of labour???!!!!!! i'm so excited for you! <3

  4. jim just looked at this post and said, "she has a baby inside her." and yes, it seems like you DO. when is she coming out? right now? will you live blog your birth please? K, thanks.

    hearts to you and clay and the little biscuit! you look gorgeous!!!!!

  5. hahaha @ her pushing things out. go biscuit, go! move it all outta the way baby!

  6. Hi Amy, I just stumbled upon your blog. Another blogger I sometimes frequent recently had a baby and experienced the same bath salt pica urges. For her favorite brand recommendations:

  7. christie6:27 AM

    Oh Ames... You look so fabulous!

    The pica thing is so fascinating to me. Pregnancy does some weird stuff to the bod. Do you remember when all I could taste was burned turkey bacon? *shudder* I think I'd rather eat bath salts.

    So, time to start *wink wink* "doing your homework" (as my doc put it) to move things along here. The, ahem, stuff that got you in this situation can get you out. And that's all I say.

  8. i have no idea what you're talking about, cuz.


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