Sunday, January 31, 2010

Biscuit, you're impeached from my belly

Or something.

Clay's dad found me this bad ass t-shirt (of an ass who... was bad) at a yardsale and before my swim today I wrapped up the biscuit in it.

This flattering elevator photo's for you, Steve.

As ya'll can see, she's still cooking. Definitely dropped down, but still snug as a bug and no big changes.

I'm having moments of false labor, where I'll get cramping and squeezing and excited for a half hour or so, but then...all goes quiet again. I've got a feeling this is my destiny for a few more days.

It's okay, though. I'm enjoying parading my big belly around the pool, having lots of last minute lunches and dinners with friends, and daydreaming about our little lady.

I've spent a lot of this pregnancy nervous about the immediate postpartum period (the fatigue, the risk of anxiety and depression, the newness of it all), but it's weird - the closer her birthday gets, the more confident I'm feeling. I know there are bumpy roads ahead, and I know we'll have moments of AH!, but I guess I'm just not scared anymore. It feels good.


  1. oh ames - i can't wait to meet her!!

  2. christie6:40 AM

    The newborn phase is the BEST. They are so snuggly and sleepy. You will lurve it!

    Okay, biscuit girl, it's Feb. GET OUT NOW so we can meet you.

  3. get OUTTA there, biscuit!!!!!!!!!! *yells*

  4. Having a newborn rocks. Yeah, you're sleepy and weepy, but you just look at that little face and it's back to bliss :) And yay for false labor, your body is getting ready! So excited for you!

  5. So ready to meet her. Ooh and aaah over her. And tell you what an amazing mom you are. So tell little biscuit she can come out now. All your friends say it's time.

  6. Can't believe it's so close! It has flown by, Miss Amy. Snuggle that unborn baby real good, enjoy your freedom, and then update us the minute she might make an appearance!!!


  7. Does Spiro work as a girl's name?

  8. I love that you defy authority and sit in the hot tub!!!! That is a good sign of the sort of self-directedness that motherhood demands! Women claiming their power to do what they feel is right for themselves!Go Amy!
    But, you may have to wait a while longer to meet your baby, until your actual due date or, dare I say it, beyond.

  9. glad you're feeling confident. the two week after period is the WORST, but it passes quickly! you'll do great!

    great belly btw :-)

  10. Ams. You are doing such a great job and you are going to an even more awesome and rad biscuit momma.


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