Wednesday, January 06, 2010

This is how my nights go when I'm not drugged

11:30: Take a long shower to heat up and wind down.
12:00: Open the window, turn on the fan, covers.
12:10: Turn on a podcast.
12:40: Fall asleep.
2:30: Wake up. Wide wide awake.
2:45: Insane thoughts.
3:00: Turn on the light. Run naked to kitchen.
3:15: Eat an apple and a little soda bread.
3:20: Run back to bed.
3:30: Turn on another podcast.
4:45: Fall asleep.
7:00: Wake up starving. But still exhausted.
7:15: Run naked to kitchen. Eat a few slices of salami.
7:30: Run back to bed. Read things on my iPod.
7:45: Fall asleep apparently?
7:45-11:00: Dreams about murder.
11:05: Ready to start the day!


  1. Umm - awkward, but... don't kill the salami.

  2. christie1:22 PM

    Gotta love that pregnancy insomnia. It's crazy stuff. I eventually gave up on even getting into bed and just camped out on the couch/recliner. Aw, fond memories...

  3. christie1:23 PM

    p.s. and *punch* the people that claim it's getting you prepared for life with a baby. How is getting no sleep preparing you for even more no sleep? I don't get it.

  4. Oh yeah, those last weeks of pregnancy are brutal. But you'll be used to it by the time baby lady arrives LOL

  5. man, i call that FREE BIRTH CONTROL. sorry you are going through such a crazy, shitty schedule. maybe you can mix it up and eat pepperoni instead of salami? or crackers instead of soda bread? yeaaahhhh.. then you'd really be living on the wild side!

  6. lololol @ dreams about murder.

    and if you weren't scared/tired enough after your restless nights you've been having, let me add this into the mix: YOU WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN ONCE THE BABY COMES AHAHAHAHAHA funny times!!!!!!!

    and who leisurely eats salami? REALLY?!


  7. Oh my gosh Amy, your night sounds just like mine. My nightmares are about an ugly baby superficial of me!! I keep imagining giving birth to a mutant child! haha. Anyway, hope your next appt goes well. I don't have another appt until 37 weeks :(. I'm just sitting tight here getting anxious!

  8. Murder dreams = every night for me. But I could not STAND insomnia, it would kill me! Hope it passes soon.

    And yum, salami!

  9. oh man! i hope this goes away and you can sleeeeeep like a log the next few weeks!

    I totally remember the crazy dreams and insomnia - except i'd dream mostly about food. i'd invent brand new things like "hawaiian kisses" (fried banana sandwiches) and blueberry POWDER to sprinkle on your bfast. Then i'd run to kitchen to eat.

    When she gets here you will snap into crazy no sleep mode and apparently when they are 6 1/2 months old you will.... STILL NOT SLEEP. hehehhehehhhh.


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