Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Flip Flop

Okay. Forget yesterday. All those high fives with SF and such.

I'm back to grumpy.

There's no reason for it, of course, unless - oh wait! - you realize how unbelievably uncomfortable I am.

Clay now refers to my belly as "The Apartment" because, well, it's where the Biscuit lives. And because it totally looks like a separate entity from the rest of me. Like I'm just hoisting around someone's living space for kicks. Because - oh wait! - I am.

I had another appointment today. We're (because this is a group activity) at 2 centimeters dilated, 75% effaced, and baby is slightly more dropped. This is pretty good news, but truth be told, I wanted her to say:

"Wow! You're at 4 centimeters! 90% effaced! You're in active labor and didn't even know it! Head to the hospital - you're having this baby TODAY!"

But I guess that only happens on baby mama online forums and not real life.

Docta docta gave me the option of inducing as early as Saturday (!), which, while (very) tempting, seems a little early to be evicting Biscuit without warning. Because I'm not birthing this baby in a closet under a duvet cover, part of this process is up to me, but part is also up to my doctor - who is still concerned that Biscuit might be too big to push out if we wait too long.

I think our compromise, if she hasn't come on her own yet (PLEASE come out on your own?) will be an induction next Thursday the 11th. This will put me at 40.5 weeks (because, unbeknownst to me, Monday the 8th is my official due date...).


That's where we stand.

Me: Grumpy
Baby: Cozy

Keep ya posted.


  1. i was 6cm 100% effaced and was sent home. went into labor 13 hours later at 8cm 100% effaced. good luck :)

  2. what is this whole effacing and dialating business? can you explain? i was a c-section momma and knew it before all this talk so I don't know what this means!

    i'm beside myself, by the way. BISCUIT IS IMMINENT.

  3. I know we're all focusing on baby land, but Amy, your entry are so funny and cute.

    Anyway, back to baby land. I hope she comes out natural, my dear, and soon! Good luck, little mama!

  4. You're getting closer! Yay you!!

    It will all work out, no induction. I can feel it!

  5. is there any particular reason we've converted to the metric system all of a sudden?

  6. You are making progress--I was 0 cm dilated until labor (which was 41 weeks) and he did not drop until labor so it took forever. I am pretty jealous that your body is slowly getting things going for you. I understand your frustration soooo much, but Biscuit will come, one way or another, and this will all be a distant memory!

  7. also - do you think if we switch to the French spelling, we can just name her Bisquette? Sounds fancy. Which we know is critical.

  8. Really enjoy reading your blog - very inspiring.
    Sending you good thoughts for these last few hours/days before your biscuit arrives.
    Hang in there!

  9. i'm OVER IT, biscuit.

    and you're not birthing in the darkness of your closet, unassisted? but why?! :( :( :( i was really hopeful.


  10. Cindy C4:11 PM

    Even though I don't get good reception for phone at school, I am going to start leaning it against the only window in the classroom. Countdown time...

  11. Um, can you tell I didn't make my husband go to birthing classes?

    Quick class:

    Dilation = How far cervix has opened. Once I hit 4 cm with regular contractions, I'll get admitted to the hospital. We need to hit 10 cm to push.

    Effacement = How much cervix has thinned out. We want to hit 100%.

    And if you don't know what a cervix is, well...Seacrest out!

    (Bisquette = Thought we agreed to keep that secret??)

    Thanks for all your fairy baby dust happy thoughts, friends! <3

  12. Meredyth8:35 AM

    I think it's today!! I just have a feeling.... And it's Ben and Amanda's anniversary so that would make it even cooler. So do it. Come on...please?

  13. very pleased that your love affair with SF is over. Christian and I are planning to wrap your baby gift in real estate fliers for PA/MP/ monsoons down here, either. (currently)

    I have a feeling she'll come before induction day! After all the pregnancy hurdles you've had to clear, you deserve that!

  14. I'm anxiously awaiting any news about you & the ro-baby lady!!! I can't wait! So excited for you and Clay! <33333

  15. come on, baby biscuit ma'am!!

  16. come on, baby biscuit ma'am!!

  17. you can haz baby?

  18. excitement around this place.

  19. intense back labour!? sounds like business time, baby!!!! i think bisquit/bisquette is going to be born tomorrow - my dad's birthday too. :) i'm so excited for you, i'm almost in tears!

  20. OMG- I couldn't post on your most recent announcement of HARPER JUNE but I love the name...especially JUNE...a new junebug is born :)


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