Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hungry girl

So I was thinking last night -- around 2 or 3 or maybe 4 in the morn? -- that after this whole nursing thing is said and done, I really think it'd only be fair I add it to my résumé. Because holy Batman! The time and persistence and patience and, uh, team spirit it takes is much more impressive than any software program I know how to use. (Word. And...a creative interpretation of Excel.)

Which is not to say that things are going badly or that I'm frustrated. Because actually, Harper has been a pro at this whole deal since her birthday. I've got no idea how I got so lucky -- I didn't take a class or read a book on the whole thing, just figured I'd wing it -- but she somehow just got it. I'm not a religious lady, but if I were? I'd send a brightly wrapped package of See's Candies to Heaven and say thank you.

And the insane, gooey bonding time when she clutches my shirt and nuzzles me and the, uh, losing 18 pounds in 10 days? Tough to beat.

But man. It be some work. Not like digging-in-a-coal-mine work, of course. It's just the absolutely mindboggling frequency with which she wants to eat (especially from the hours of 11-3 a.m.) can drive a sister bonkers.

I've got some tricks, though. Lots of peanut butter toast. Lots of podcasts in one ear. Lots of watered-down cranberry juice with lots of ice cubes in lots of red cups. Lots of remembering it's not forever and I'll miss it when it's over.

And this sweet mug doesn't hurt things either.


  1. AMEN.

    It makes you so tired and so hungry and feel like your body is working out all the time because - it is. But don't worry you start to feel really normal after a while! And now that Lucy has kicked the sauce, it is a very sad realization that that bonding and snugglies is over.

    Amazing that you and Harps are such naturals!

  2. Yeah the frequency would be hard to adjust to, but I'm glad you have had a smart learner!

  3. i nursed hannah for six weeks, but she was never able to latch on, we had to use a shield. i lost 17lbs in three days and lost 23lbs in six weeks. i only have 2lbs to go! nursing is a wonderful bonding experience and i am happy to hear that you and Harper are having a successful time with it :)

  4. Cindy8:42 PM

    Oh....I said six months, but I meant 6 weeks. Don't even see my comment, but like Nikki said, this is a wonderful bonding time. CC


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