Monday, February 08, 2010

No more bumpdates!

(Can we discuss the hilarity of that hat? One of our nurses fashioned the bow out of the hospital nursery hats. She looks like she's about to take a bubble bath with a chilled wine cooler.)

Not that I don't have a bump, of course. I'm still rocking a Santa-like, 20-week-ish, tummy that jiggles when I move and fits quite nicely under both maternity and regular person clothes. Just maximizing the wardrobe, people!

Oh, but seriously, guys. Thank you big for all your Harper cheers and well wishes. We really loved reading all your comments from my Intro post (written with one hand during crazy hospital time) -- it's so much fun sharing her with ya'll after all those pregnancy adventures you came along with us on. I definitely need to make some sort of book of it all; one day she'll love to read all that love from her wide-flung friends. She's one lucky lady.

And now? Now, we are safely snuggled in our hatch -- a little family of three, figuring things out as they come and rolling with the punches as best we can. Last night Ms. Harper showed us just how wakey wakey she can be when she wants! I, for one, am very impressed. Also, exhausted. And occasionally anxious. I'd be more than a little bonkers right now if my mom weren't here to help with food and diapers and stealing her away from me so I can take a quick nap here and there. Cereal life saver. Word to my mommies-to-be sistas? ACCEPT ALL OFFERED HELP. Whew.

My favorite part of all this madness so far, apart from just her, is seeing Clay and Biscuit together. Um. I know I'm supposed to have words, for this is a blog, but nope! I'm a bit of a hormonal mess right now, so I'll catch him chatting her up, telling her a story, whispering little things to her and I basically lose my bananas. Bye, bananas!

May I show you this?


It's easy to see why people keep makin' the babies even after all the nuttiness. I just want to eat them both and protect them both and eat them again, all in 2 quick minutes. That makes sense, right? Oh good. Moving on.

I want to tell you all my labor story (at least up to the PG-13 parts), the hospital stay, the adventures of breastfeeding and newborn aftermath. And I will! But for now, it's Harper time. Kinda like Hammer time, but different.



  1. Okay basically, we can't have harper time without massive amounts of harper pictures. I'm just saying. But I'm so glad you have help and sweet moments already. She is too precious!

  2. Love, love, love it!

  3. How you're functioning and not just wallowing on the floor in a big puddle of mush is beyond me. That may be the sweetest thing I have ever seen.
    Enjoy your new family time - I can't imagine anything better.
    And oh, yeah - any little tidbits of pictures you can throw our way to tide us over...

  4. I know, I know - I added one!!

    Promise more to come...they're all on Clay's cam and uploading them sounds like climbing Everest sometimes. ;)

  5. STOP. HARPER TIME. *dances*

    That video = best thing I've seen all day. Maybe all weekend.

    Can't wait to hear the birth story.

  6. *pets* if you want/need to vent or go real crazy anxious a little bit, you know wherez to find me buddy. i'm glad your mama is there helping you out<3... just keep on going until this adjustment period is over, enjoying it as much as you can, just like you are. :)

    harper is ADORABLE. good lord. she does look different in this pic/video than her just after birth one... slightly less smushed. hah. :) i might borrow that hat when she's done with it. video is hilarious. please save it as blackmail when one day she is like, "OMG YOU GUYZ DON'T HUG ME IN FRONT OF FRANZ!"

    love your cute little family & reading all about your adventure - the good & the bad & the cutesy! mwaaaaa!

  7. thanks for the addition of the picture! i like it.. it reminds me of those old ladies that where the purple obnoxious hats and go out eating around town. she is too cute!

  8. i dont even know anything except that i am mush! that video made me turn into a lump on the floor. now i must go hug my baby. BABIES!

  9. Oh she is so cute!!!! And she does look different than the first photo!!! And that totally warrants the plural exclamations!

  10. Oh she is so cute!!!! And she does look different than the first photo!!! And that totally warrants the plural exclamations!

  11. Anonymous7:47 PM

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  12. christie11:42 AM

    The CUTENESS!! I can't stand it!! I heart her. She's perfect!!!

  13. Cindy2:18 PM

    AAAHHHH. Love it. You are going to be the best parents! She really, really is pretty.


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