Friday, February 12, 2010

One week in

The elusive eyes-open shot.

Dude. I can't believe it's been a whole week since little Harps J joined our scene. But at the same time, I feel like we've known her forever. How did we not know about her little pouty mouth and tasty cheek cakes 8 days ago? Seems impossible.

Things so far are really good. It's surprising to write that because I assumed at this point I'd be face down in a pool of saliva and tears - both hers and mine. But I'm handling the changes and chugging along, feasting on her chicken legs whenever they're loose from the swaddle and nibbling on her nose as dessert. I'm tired, with the undereye circles of a heroin-addicted raccoon, and of course there are low moments, but she's seriously been such a sweet baby for us and I could not be more grateful. Who knows if suddenly she'll turn into T-rex the Baby Robot, but for now? She's just our tiny harpsichord.


  1. christie12:48 PM

    *Swoon* I love her.

  2. she looks DELICIOUS. i'm so glad everything is going well for the cown clan. you're a natural mama.

    people have been bringing babies into my office all week and it makes work so much more awesome. i have to remind myself that i'm the new girl and ppl might freak when i make a move to put their babies in my mouth...

  3. mhmmmmm! i agree with christie.. i love harps & her chubby cheeks and little tootsies and her face and her fingers. I'M CRAZY ABOUT YOUR BABY! ;)

  4. Cindy C7:56 AM

    Haven't had internet for two days...was going crazy to see/hear of Harper. Are those Mary Jane's on her feet or socks? So cute; I can't believe all of the pink I get to see now. Even though I did put Clay and Lee in some pastels and madras plaids. Not too much protesting until they were older. Keep the photos coming.

  5. she is so beautiful!! i want to munch on her cheeks as well!!

  6. Harpsichord! She's so awesome.


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