Wednesday, February 17, 2010

San Francisco values

Happy as a gender-neutral clam.

Back in Minneapolis, I fell in love with that checkered onesie lil Harps is rocking above. (Look at the elbow pads!) But it was 30+ dollas and I just couldn't do it, dude. I'm not laying down that kind of cash for clothes until she plans on staying the same size for more than a week.

Fast foward a few months - a week or so before her birthday - and I'm scanning the clearance racks at Baby Gap. Huzzah! My onesie! For four dolla! Done.

But here's the thing. Without the proper accessories (a red headband? black strirrup pants? mascara?) that little lumberjack number makes poor, bald, little Harps into a boy. Clay was horrified. Biscuit looked delighted. I couldn't stop laughing. You'll fit right in with the gender-is-a-spectrum SF peeps, Harps! Way to go!


  1. Love it. My fave outfit growing up was engineer overalls and a tutu. I recommend that for tomorrow.

  2. All the better, I say. Also, I really, really, really want my own shirt just like that. Your lady knows how to wear it!

  3. awww, she looks so cozy!

    Gap has the best sales. also? i still think about their "Everybody In Vests" commercial from 2000.

  4. Meredyth5:33 PM

    I'm sorry. She has to live in Maine if she's going to wear an outfit like that...what with looking like a lumberjack and all. Adorable. Happy birthday!

  5. loololololllllll

    "i am unisex. i am free to choose. i am... a baby lumberjack."

    yes! favorite picture evarz.

  6. Hahaha but she does still have a girl face! She looks like you. Not that you're gender-neutral... anyway that shirt is insanely cute!

  7. Her cheeks are my favorite! She's a cutie for sure!

  8. Never to young for mascara and plaid.

  9. I'm with Clay. Please don't make me send her pink ruffly outfits . . .

  10. Cindy C9:50 AM

    I didn't know where to stable her pony, but we will ship it out to CA.
    Frye boots in onesies? Cute, cute.

  11. i'm jonesin' for some more harper pictures! :)

    hope mama, baby & baby-daddy are all doing well, too!! <3


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