Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet cheeks

I may have mentioned one or twenty times how much Harper can eat. The girl don't stop, yo. And she's packing on the pounds to show for it.

Case in point?

These cheeks.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the cuteness. I swear, she is getting more adorable every time you post, which means in about four days she will be so cute no one will even be able to look at her.
    Also, I see some awesome crib stuff going on in the background? And cool new walls? It's cozy in there!

  2. hahahahaha. her face looks so grown up in a way... i can't even explain it. she really does look sophisticated and it's so cute/hilarious.

    i'm really scared of our baby's cheeks and how big they're gonna be. harper may have to give our little girl some tips on how to hold them & store food inside. :)

  3. she looks so soft and squishy and DELICIOUS.

    and i agree with meredith, Harper's room looks super cozy!

    your whole apartment is stylish. i feel a need for a BJA Harper Style and BJA Home Style series.

  4. you guys are SO FUNNY! her cheeks are so ridiculous. i'm at a loss for words. i'm just going to watch this video again and again.

  5. Hahahaha. Love you and Clay just cracking up at her!

  6. Her cheeks are amazing. I had to watch five times in a row before I could pull away. So adorably smooshy soft. I would never leave my apartment if I had a hostage set of cheeks like that to bond with.

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  8. christie5:09 AM

    I always enjoy anonymous's comments. I totally agree.

    In other news, those cheeks and squishy, smooshy lips are delish!

  9. hehe glad ya'll enjoyed the cheekies - they won't stop growing!

    and yes yes - i owe you a decor update! need to show pics of our new wall and couch/fort and her room. i'll get my photog on that stat!

  10. She reminds me of this guy. In a good way.


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