Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Thank you, San Francisco

For being the perfect place to survive this last chunk of pregnancy.

You are not too cold or icy or gloomy. You are not too hot or humid or stanky.

And currently, you're holding back on the total monsoon you're supposed to be throwing our way. We've had rain, sure, but there's also been plenty of weak sunshine and dry skies to tempt me outside these walls.

Plus! There are so many little activities and eucalyptus-scented parks and itty bitty cafes to keep us busy while we tick tock tick tock wait.

Fairly certain if I weren't here, I'd be performing my own c-section right now.

So! In conclusion.

Thanks, SF. I owe ya one.


  1. hi! please have your biscuit right now so we can be birthday twins. :)

    not asking too much?

  2. i know!!

    i'm trying i'm trying!

    lots of squats!

    still got a few hours - it could happen!

  3. If it does not happen today I vote you cross your legs and hold her in there until March 5. That's my birthday. It's a really good day to be born : )

  4. Man, you impress me. I would be, I don't know, holed up in a dark room, crying and eating gallons of ice cream, watching archived Grey's Anatomy episodes. Maybe this is what I also do on a regular day off?

  5. I'd like to re-echo what オテモヤン said...

    So poetic, and topical.

  6. Mr. オテモヤン always gets it right. The next Salinger, methinks.

    (And Meredith - HA! I'm two steps away from that. Just swap rice krispie treats for ice cream and SVU for Grey's...)


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