Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When I was younger, so much younger than todaaaaay

I'm not sure about you, but I always hated group projects. Navigating schedules, delegating tasks, dealing with idiots. And usually, in the end, having to do most of it myself anyways. Or maybe that was just me? Hmm. So that's why everyone wanted to do that Bob Fosse paper with me...

But this quality I have - this FINE I'LL JUST DO IT GO AWAYness - isn't the best trait to carry into motherhood. Because dude. Help is needed - like, seriously - to stay sane and survive. For some reason, though, it can be so hard to ask. Not out of a pride thing ("I'm the best diaper changer in the world!"), but almost out of a laziness thing. takes too much time to explain what I need and so I just do it myself. And then I get so tired I can't even make eye contact anymore and start saying "Wait - did I say that out loud?" all the time.

I don't recommend this strategy.

Luckily, I've got Clay and Mom in the background, doing things without asking and also asking to do things. And when I finally do pause a moment and realize I need more (sleep, specifically) they're ready and more-than-willing to jump in and take over. Because no one is expecting me to do this whole thing on my own, even if it feels that way sometimes to my crazy, exhausted brain cells. It really is amazing what a little help will do for my spirits. It just takes asking.


  1. Yeah, whenever someone asks what I wish someone had told me before having a kid, I always say take all help that is offered! You're only human, gotta take a break every now and again.

  2. Cindy3:06 PM

    Make me a list, please. I would love to do anything for you that I can. Cindy C

  3. I can totally relate. It was really tough for us at first becuse we don't have any family nearby so we didn't have a lot of help. I wish we did, because it really makes a big difference. Especially the first couple of months with all the adjusting.
    I love your blog, btw. And your little H!!


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