Sunday, February 21, 2010


Milk is life!

Oh, I'm sorry! Did I just drool on your shoulder? Your foot? Did my eyes close mid-sentence? Did I fall over standing up? Please excuse my rudeness. It's just that I HAVEN'T SLEPT IN YEARS.

That's not exactly true, of course. I sleep for little chunks here and there - usually when Clay takes the morning shift, bless his soul - or I'd be hallucinating by now. Although, come to think of it, I did mistake a stale doughnut for a lifebuoy last night...

I can't really complain, though; I've got a scrumptious and healthy baby. And we've all got our jobs in life; mine is Mama Pants and Harper's is Eating Machine 2010. I knew this was part of the newborn deal, this no-sleep-ever thing, but it's just crazy when you're face-to-face with it. Like - ohhhhhhh by "no sleep" you guys literally meant NO SLEEP. Message received, Chief!

And on that note! I must pick up my squirmy bug and kiss her smushy cheeks. She's been a hard worker and deserves a raise.


  1. Cindy C8:34 PM

    All of us mamas didn't want to scare you too much. Just comes with the wonderful, wonderful territory. I don't even want to say 6 months, but that is the magical number. Feel better? Not! It will be ok...a bonding time.

  2. Cidny c8:47 PM

    See other post...don't despair. I meant 6 weeks, not 6 months. CC

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  4. It's rough, but believe it or not, you will miss that soft cheek next to yours at 3am! I think Bowie started sleeping good 4 hour chunks after a month or so. Of course, every baby is different! But, it does go away eventually. (Just don't read my blog about toddlers who don't like sleeping through the night...)

    P.S. Alicia must be in some major need of MP3 software.

  5. aww, she kills me!

    jim and i sent harps a bday present. did it arrive safely?

  6. she is just so cute it hurts my heart. love her outfit!

    when louie was tiny, she had weight probs (lost weight) so i had to wake up every 2 hours on a timer to feed her. every 2 hours 24-hours a day. so i'd set my phone alarm and get up, feed her, try to pump, wash the stuff, then try to sleep again until i had to wake her up, so about 1 min of sleep. and somehow i made it through! the no-sleepy phase goes away quickly and soon she'll be a pro.

    the good thing is (with my experience anyway) once you dont have to feed them frequently, training them to sleep through the night is a cinch!

    good luck and Zzzzs!

  7. Amazingly, you can still write cute and charming blog entries despite your sleep deprived state.

  8. Anonymous1:15 PM

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