Thursday, March 04, 2010


Clay "Dad Man" Cowan hit the road today for a quick, one-night trip away. Which means the Lobster Bisque and I are solo for the first time since...never! Huzzah! Gulp.

I felt a little nervous pervous/mopey yesterday thinking about it, but our little friend let me get a few solid hours of sleep last night, today turned out to be sparkly sunshiney blue skies, and I even went for a walk into the real world without my mom forcing me to. And I did baby laundry! And ate a Cadbury egg! And I'm having one of my best pals visit tonight! I can do this, people!

And the icing on the cake? Running into Billy the Doorman who gave an amazing performance pretending not to know me since I've lost some baby weight.


Yup. Things are good.

(But we still miss you, Dad Pants!)

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  1. speakin' of billy - don't forget to give him the car key :)


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