Friday, March 19, 2010

Sometimes... I dress her like a girl


Listen. It's not like I'm anti-pink. I love pink! Makes my skin look all glowy and my husband look all hunky. But for some reason, I find myself dressing Harper in unisex outfits. It's just that I love love love her in a plain white onesie! I can't help it -- it's an American classic, people. Add in the jeans and she's ready to join the Jets!

And then we all know how I feel about lumberjack oufits. Yum!

The problem is, when your baby is small and bald, no one knows what the hell she is. And when they try and find out by asking her name? Er. Clearly, my unisex tendencies carried over there, as well.

So when I go out in public -- like yesterday, to visit old coworkers and show them what I cooked up all those months at my desk -- I feel driven to put her in pink. And stick a purple binky in her mouth. And a flowery blanket over her legs. I come very close to swiping a bit of mascara on her lashes. Because as much as I pretend not to care, I need people to know she's a lay-dee.

Open doors for us! Pull out our chairs! Let us off the Titanic first!


  1. So adorable! For us, it was the opposite. Our baby boy had (has) SO much hair, that people always thought he was a girl. It didn't help that we let his hair grow wild for a while. He has a beatles haircut now (he is 1), but I think he is at an age where you can tell he is a boy. I find gender confusion in babies really funny... it's not like they care, right?

  2. She is so beautiful!

    The part that always kills me, no matter what girly little outfit you put them in, someone will say, "oh my goodness, isn't HE cute?" I mean, for Pete's sake, the pink dress, tights and Mary Janes didn't clue you in?

  3. i can't get over her thighs! too cute for words! only !!!!!!!!

  4. i've talked about piercing evia's ears (because you can find pediatricians who do it, and hell, boys get part of their weiners cut off - i think she can handle it) because if you do it young enough, they don't fool with them and then have pierced ears as they get older... plus i expect her to be completely bald (as i was) & be confused as a boy.

    anyway, it's been very controversial telling people that. and then when i tell them it's unnecessary to give boys a certain shaped weiner, they're like, "BUT BUT BUT," ...

    truth is i prolly won't do it anyway cause i won't want to see her in any type of pain, but i still like getting ppl riled up over it.

    i like this outfit. give her a little gloss, a chihuahua in a purse, and a cellphone & she'll be ready to go!

  5. My mom used to stick those frou frou headbands on my head to broadcast girlbaby. Still got lots of boy comments. I guess it's good you don't remember things from when you are that little or I would have been one confused child. Girl? Boy? Girl? Boy? Girl?

  6. I think we should go ahead and get her lower back tatted as well while she's too young to really remember.

  7. Amy, you are seriously not helping me avoid baby fever here. Really.

  8. it's so true! even in the girly outfits, i STILL get: "how old is HE?" ... granted, i live in san francisco but c'mon people!

    @kalen: oh, YOU. i'll buy her some dangly pirate earrings from claire's.

    @logan: never thought I'd do the headbands, but...yeah. it's gonna happen. do they print ones that say 'I'M A GIRL'?

    @meredith: DON'T FIGHT IT.

  9. Christie5:37 PM

    *nodding head in agreement*

    Bald/hair-challenged baby girlz are always mistaken for boys no matter what kind of pink, sparkly, frou-frou, "I'm a girl" outfit you put them in. People think Libs is a boy all the time. She's secure with who she is so it doesn't bother her.


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