Monday, March 08, 2010

Snooze pants

Most times, our little glow worm is pretty good at snoozing, no matter where you put her. There are naps in the bouncy chair, naps on the couch, and nighttime in her cribby. But sometimes her tum is hurting or she's a little overtired or hiccupy and needs a little extra loving. (You know -- in addition to the 78 hours a day she gets held.) And sometimes (always) her mama needs rest (and extra loving), too.

So we head to the Big Person Bed. We lie down next to each other and snuggle. She hears me breathe and smells my smell (milk) and falls into a deep sleep that's tough to replicate elsewhere. And then she wakes up and looks like this and my heart explodes:


  1. ahh! those teeny bendy legs! i am dying to meet her! literally. dying.

  2. she is the sweetest sweetest sweetest.

  3. She melts me like butter. Possibly most beautiful baby I've ever seen? It might be so!


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