Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's sad

How much a trip to Target can mean.

People! Pretty things! People!

I was desperate to go yesterday. Made a list, straightened my hair (?????), and put the Biscuit in a girly outfit. Headed down to the parking garage, put her car seat in the back row, and began the tricky process of buckling in the seat, sans base.

(If you don't have babies, don't even worry about what this means.) (Just know it's hard for spatially challenged fruitcakes like myself.)

And I couldn't get it to work. And Biscuit was screaming. And my hair was getting clingy and weird.

I started frantically YouTubing How To videos on my phone. Which felt really weird and futuristic - and also completely unhelpful. I texted Clay for help - but realized a talk-thru on the phone wasn't gonna cut it and would probably end in marital counseling.

So I picked up Harper and I walked around the garage and we cried together.

"Looks like we won't be seeing other people today, Harps."

She shrugged. I think.

Then I put her in the stroller, pushed it outside into the Colorado sun, and got over it. Cuz that's what mamas do.


  1. Aw Ams! Ha - you're so right, though.

    I remember being in an (echoey) indoor garage parking lot, and newborn Lu crying in her car seat while I was trying to figure out how to put together her fancy stroller to meet people for lunch. We were about 45 mins late, between the time it took me to get her packed up, get there, and get the stroller together. But we made it!

    Major props to you for figuring all this out in a new city as well!

  2. Yeah, I remember on one of our first outings, we got to the store, but then were having trouble getting the carseat back in the car after our shopping trip. And there was one of those asshats that sits and waits for your spot, and honks if you're going too slow. Only time in my life I have actually flipped the bird to a person and meant it.

  3. Love your blog! I'm a young mama too (25 is still young, right?) and it's so nice to know that our ventures into motherhood are not unalike. I know this is pretty random, but if you need a base for a Graco, I have an extra one and you are more than welcome to have it! I'm in Michigan, but will happily ship it over to you.

  4. Sorry to hear you had problems with the seat. Good luck with your next attempt. :)

  5. :( *pat pat pat* poor buddy.

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  7. Poor Amy. Sunlight always helps.

  8. Love the stories, ladies! I just know the designers of these stoopid things (most likely mostly men) haven't actually struggled with them while wrangling a squirmy babe!

    @Mandy Hey, if 28 (me) is a young mama (and I tell myself it is) then 25 definitely works! And holy wow, thank you for the offer -- I heart you already! I actually have one in SF, buckled up in my car waiting to be shipped. I miss it!!

  9. Get a better seat, life's too short.

  10. Hey, no problem! We've got look out for each other! Glad to know yours will be reaching you soon so you can get out and about (via mobile) with your sweet little gal!

    p.s. while on vacation (without the base and only the seat) it took me so long to make sure our 4 month-old was tilted "just so" in the back of the rental car that I forgot to actually buckle the seatbelt around the carseat. We drove about an inch before I realized that I forgot a VERY IMPORTANT STEP in the whole buckling-in-baby process...
    my husband laughed ("oops").
    I cried. :)

  11. I have yet to attempt putting in a car seat and i'm scared... I'd be so freaked out i did it wrong and probably side swipe a car while looking back to make sure the seat isn't rolling all over.

    I can do a great many things, but putting in a car seat is too much for me! Scrrrd.

  12. @ RHM - feel free to mail your selection.

  13. christie4:48 AM

    OMG. I have soooooo been there. And soooooo wanted to die. I can now proudly say that I can install 3 carseats with one hand while twirling a plate on a broomstick with the other. Shazaaaam!!

    I have to say I'm confused about one thing - you used the carseat without the base? That sounds, um, dangerous, no? Or is it a convertible carseat that doesn't have a base?

  14. @cc
    Web site sent to A. Ease of Use Ratings

  15. @christie -- yeah, you can use it without the base. basically you buckle it in like a (backward-facing) person. but it's all complicated to get right, with folded over straps and making sure it's taut and...ick. plus, it definitely doesn't feel as safe as the base at *all* so it's only for short trips (or taxi rides).

  16. christie12:22 PM

    Huh. You learn sumpin' new every day! Must be some new-fangled deal. In any case, it definitely sounds anxiety-producing.

  17. @ RHM. Ours got an A. Thanks for the feedback.


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