Thursday, April 22, 2010


If you didn't think Harps fusses?

You'd be wrong.

In other subjects, lately I've been feeling awkward around friends-who-don't-have-babies-yet. I feel a bit like a zoo animal. What does this caged hobo do all day? How is she looking? Is she living-the-life-she-always-wanted? Will she eat hay? (Sure.)

It's nothing they're doing, I know it's in my head. But sometimes when I'm around non-moms I feel frumpy and sort of...other. Like I hopped over an invisible fence and they're on the other side wearing skinny jeans and perfume and we're maybe also speaking different languages. Theirs being something cool, mine being Latin.

I know I'll get comfier in my new skin and my friends will get used to me being a mom and the planets will align again, just in slightly different positions. But for now, I'll be over here -- using my still-kinda-squishy bod to feed a small person, wearing the sweats and the glasses and the baby, probably smelling a little like hay.


  1. i will be on the other side of the fence with you soon, buddy. until then i'm hanging out over here with the cool crowd, sry. :\ *parties & pops my butt out to the music*

    <3 see you in 10 weeks

  2. Cindy C10:21 AM

    Think of these fussy moods as exercise time (as opposed to tummy time). I remember my relief to be told by the pediatrician it would not hurt the baby to cry. And that in fact it does exercise their little legs and arms...depends on how big of a fit! :) Maybe too early for you to try, but give her a chance to cry and stop on her own sometime. This from someone who hasn't read a baby-raising book in 30 years. Keep the smiles.

  3. Hang in there, mama. It's tough, but you'll find lots of mama friends to keep you company.

  4. I for one think it's extremely cool that you're a happy mom. I don't want you to feel like you're a monkey in a cage! I may be childless for now, but there are no judgments--everyone is different; baby or no baby, it's just a different phase in your life that you came to, perhaps before others have. You should be proud of it, and confident. It's amazing.

  5. I feel like that a lot. I even feel that my frienships with people who do not have babies have changed. They are nice and try to be helpful, but the just dont "get it". I know this sounds terrible, but I think I didn't "get it" either before I had a baby. I still love them, though. It is just different.


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