Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wireless no worky

So it's iPhone only today. Quick summary?

Sunday was...interesting. Whole new world this doing-already-stressful-things with a baby in tow. Lots of manic laundry and packing and hand wringing followed by airport nonsense and pacing the airplane aisles to keep Harps happy.

I honestly didn't have the time or brain space to get sad about leaving; I'm sure it'll hit me at a totally inappropriate time, like the first meeting of my mom group.

"Nice to meet you, t --"

*sob sob sob*

Finally arrived Sunday evening. Pouring rain, chilly air -- Harps looked horrified. Welcome to real weather, honeycomb! But our pad (temporary corporate housing) is kick ass. Makes such a difference to land somewhere new and be staying somewhere pimped out and cozy. Yes please.

Yesterday the Biscotti and I laid real low. Had a touch of altitude sickness and wanted her to get settled. But today? Today we conquer Denver.

Whole Foods! Walk in the park! A baseball game tonight! Probably a huge dipe explosion! Stay tuned.

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. Ahhh, that sounds stressful, but glad you're settled in at your new bomb apartment place thing.

    I want details on the Conquering of your new city.\

    Amy and Harper:1

  2. love that you and clay are out there....best to harps and I hope you get the wireless worked out.....

  3. Ugh, altitude sickness is the worst! You just want to see all the gorgeous (and coincidentally high-altitude) stuff around you, but all you can think is, "But if I move, I'll surely vomit!"
    I'm the glad apartment is lovely. Getting to know a new city is so much fun!

  4. I'm glad you're all getting settled! time to get Harps a baby snowboard?

  5. Oh man. I'm going to visit! So exciting this new chapter... Love!

  6. thanks, franz!

    good to be here.

    and YES! vis-its please. :)

  7. Change is tough! I'm sure you will settle just fine. Glad to hear the move went well :)


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