Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm trying

We all know about my inability to dress our daughter like a lady. I favor white onesies, navy sweats, black hoodies. What can I say? That's what I feel comfy in, so I treat her the same.

But it's finally getting to me. All those "how old is HE?" and "aw, what a cute little GUY" and on and on and on. So I'm trying to make things a little clearer to the outside world. Not signing up for 24/7 bubblegum pinkness, but I'm definitely making a concerted effort to punch up the girl quotient.

Mom and I went shopping last week and snagged some super cute girly tanks. They're great because for now, I can layer 'em up over a onesie. And for summer, they can go solo. And I have to admit, I'm loving her little pinkover.


    Super cute and you will NOT be able to turn away from the Flamingo stuff. I kinda hate cheesy baby clothes, like the shit they sell at babies R Us, but I LOVE janie and jack. They sell stuff I'd wear myself. Also cute right now for her age is the Yacht Part line...blues and whites and red and yellows and on mega sale. Love that store.

  2. lolololol.

    i would have given in, too. i don't care how ridiculous it is, i would eventually get bored/tired of telling people she was a girl. and not to blow smoke, but quite honestly i don't see how they're making the mistake with her rosy little cheeks/lips?

    are you going to make the "jump" to bows/headbands you think? :) i have bought some small ones, but my friend ashley threatened my life if i do any of the ginormous ones that are so popular right now.

  3. That's actually really frustrating to me -- girls HAVE to wear pink and purple, and if you dress a baby in navy, it's automatically a girl. I mean, yeah, it's pretty impossible to tell at such a young age but it sucks we have to doll babies up in society-defined gender specific clothes to make it clear.

    BUT that neon pink stars tank top is totally Jem and the Holograms and therefore I love it.

  4. Also, @Kalen, I know boy babies with little rosy cheeks and pink lips too!

  5. Ha agreed - I hate it when people ask how old is the little guy. and i'm like - I GUESS OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW HE'S GAY SINCE *HE* IS IN A PINK STROLLER WITH A PINK BLANKET AND A PURPLE PACIFIER?

    She looks awfully adorbs in pink! <3

  6. precious! i want squish her cheeks!

  7. @omg dude that yacht line is DANGEROUSLY CUTE. there's this terry cloth hoodie thing?? NEEDZ.

    @kalen sigh. i've been on the hunt for cute headbands for awhile now. i told myself i'd never use them, but...the time has come. at least for social functions. (like your wedding, mic!) the problem is, they all look so uncomfy. let me know if you find any that seem squishy and unbinding...

    @em omg! it IS very jem! i knew i picked it for a reason. (well that and it cost 1.99...)

  8. Oddly you can't really capture the thigh folds in the bumbo

  9. Have her wear a check Walmart pearl necklace - class at an early age.


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