Monday, May 31, 2010

Look! I exist!

I realized recently there are almost zero pictures of me these days. Wonder why? It's like there's something else, just a teensy bit cuter, that's replaced me? Hmm.

 But anywhoz. Clay was taking some cute pics of the scone baby this weekend and instead of hiding, I grabbed her and struck a pose. So here! I'm real! I exist!

In other news, the weekend was lovely. Got most things I wanted to checked off the list, though we didn't get to visit inside the house (current tenants out-of-town) OR visit the Biscuit Bus (didn't coincide with naptime).  However! We still swung by the new pad and I ogled the backyard, actually getting a little teary picturing us back there -- planting flowers, sipping lemonade, making a tiny snowman. No idea what came over me -- I don't even have pregnancy to blame anymore...

Oh and I guess we also didn't trade the wagon for a Suby. (Maybe all I really got done this weekend was watching LOST and eating yummy foods? Oh and the baseball game! We did make it there. Shew.) We're still going to ditch the wagon (it's not 4WD and is just overall janky), but I'm going to take over the new truck and Clay's going to get a little zip zip sporty car. Feeling a tad intimidated by the HUGEness of the 4Runner, but I do enjoy its badassness. Vroom vroooooomz.

And finally, I fell in l-o-v-e with Cafe Rio. I'd read about its radness on a few Morm Utah-based blogs, but oh my heavens that s&*t is good. Hopefully you live in Cali, Colo, Utah or a few other Western states becase apoiru0294-(8s43!!! Dee-lish. I shall now eat there for every lunch I can. Amen.

Your weekend? Was it good?


  1. Purty ladies! Glad to hear your weekend was well spent :)

  2. Well, she's definitely your daughter! These pictures are fantastic.
    Also, I'm going to support the argument that any weekend that is fun is therefore productive...right?

  3. You're so frickin' adorable. And with that baby, double cute. Glad to see your face around here again. ;)

    Baseball games, I love them! Can't wait to see pics of the house.

    My weekend was goood, lots of sleep and foods and snuggles. <3

  4. cafe rio! i know exactly which utah based blogs you speak of. muahaha. too funny.

    i am loving these pics, you two are adorbs!

  5. love these pics you two are super cute!!!!!! Def don't forget to be in them yourself! I asked our former nanny to get some of me and Luburger since we have ZERO. Anyways... take more? Post 'em? Let me swoon over how cute you two ladies are? And dream of us one day living closeby?

  6. Great pics! We had a great weekend, very relaxing, just the four of us :) I think we must be too old to have children, my husband is 39, and I'm coming up on 36, we are always tired these days! But had a restful weekend!

  7. christie10:04 AM

    You look like a teen mom. You are so purty and youthful. And I can't wait to squeeze those cheeks (Harper's, not yours).

    That is all.

  8. thanks, e'eryone! i really do need to force more pics of us 2 - i know i'll love seeing them in the future!

    (and christie -- you're the youngest lookin mama of all time. so shush. <3)


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