Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mem day

Dudes. I need a vacay.

Three day weekend, frands! And this is the first one in a long while that will actually feel like Mem Day. Blue skies, warm air, ice cream cones, flip flops, sweat. Stuff like that there. Because in San Francisco? There is wind and scarves and hot cocoa. In years past, I'd read people's Facebook statuses or tweets -- all about tan lines and junk -- and I'd hang my head. Then put on my mittens.

So! I'm more than a little excited for the days ahead. Harps and I are kicking things off in the 'burbs with our new pals, scoping out the yardsales and enjoying the mountain view. Nothing crazy on the sched for the rest of our days, but I'd like to:

1) Visit the new pad! I'll take some pics for ya'll to gawk at.
2) Hunt down the Biscuit Bus and scarf a biscuit. Aw, yeah.
3) Take Harps for her first swim in our ("our") pool.
4) Drive somewhere Colorado-y with the fam. You know -- trees, a river, maybe some mountains.
5) Rockies game! (Just snagged some tix.)
6) A couple dinners or lunches or brunches or snacks outside.
7) LOST finale. Yeah, we're real behind. Pretty much know what happened already -- life with a babe!
8) Trade in the wagon for a Subaru. Denver? You own me.

And whatta 'bout you guys? I know my SF pals will be snowboarding, but the rest of you should put on that SPF and eat some cupcakes. Kah? Kah.


  1. Hmmm. I don't know fer shure what I'm up to, but there will probably be a Sunday afternoon of hiking and pool-ing. And Monday = date night at a nice restaurant. Saturday probs = SLEEP.


    We'z going to NY to hang out with the new nephew!

  3. your harps pictures make my day. everytime i get home and see your blog on my feeder i get psyched. just to let you know!!

    as for my memorial day, it's my last weekend of america, so i will probably be packing and relaxing and kissing the husband lots and lots!

  4. may i please lay face down in your pool and float carelessly, only coming up for air?

    'preciate it.

    our memorial day weekend plans include me going to class (AWESOME *HIGH FIVE*) and us finding something to do saturday & sunday so that i don't whine about the fact that we didn't do anything on a long weekend.

    we MIGHT actually find somewhere to swim finally that has an open pool. most places round here open them on memorial day weekend, so let's hopez!

    if not, i am not above buying a baby pool and sitting in it by myself naked and drinking a taco bell "margarita"

  5. For some reason, I got REALLY excited when you mentioned the Rockies game. I'm fairly certain that when we have our first kid, Jeremy will be counting the days until we can go to a game. His dad used to put a baseball in his crib at night.
    And pictures - yay! Enjoy your fun weekend!

  6. Dude, I think a biscuit bus just might be what SF is missing. I'll think about how to make that happen while I am undoubtably wearing a snow hat and wool coat over my sundress at BBQs this weekend. Enjoy heat this weekend. My sis lives in Boulder and set is been roasty.

  7. aw love all the diff't plans! have fun, frands and be safe <3

  8. Cindy C12:03 PM

    Thank you over and over for the pictures; I cannot believe the changes I see in Harper with these photos. Not much cooking here for the holiday...going to try a Grandma Nancy peach cobbler recipe with frozen peaches, Pillsbury crescent rolls and Mountain Dew. Yes, you read it, Mountain Dew. Don't know what the Dew do, but I have eaten good. Send family pictures.:)


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