Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, monday


I hope everyone had a great momz day. I loved mine -- extra sleeps while Clay manned the Biscuit, blueberry pancakes, tulips, new hot pink kicks (for the running I'mma start THIS WEEK), new hair products to halp my insane static electricity hair (thanks, Colorado!), Chiptole (there is one ON EVERY CORNER HERE), and a drive through some purty neighborhoods.

Sometimes I get all weird about going places with Harps because I hate when she freaks out in the car and it's just easier to sit on our couch. But I'm so glad Clay pushed my bum out the door and treated me to treats and showed me the world outside babies. Does a mama good!

Of course, I didn't get to see my own mom pants. However! I couldn't feel sad too about this because she's coming in late tonight for a week long visit. YES PLeASe. While I really appreciated the help early on, when she hung in SF with us for 6 weeks, I'm super excited for the help (and c-o-m-p-a-n-y) this week. Instead of a cute little blob baby I was rocking before, I've got a real little person on my hands now, which is... a lot more work. There's no more plunking her down in a bouncy chair while I do the dishes or pull off a hangnail. If I'm looking at something other than her? Loud, loud, loud NoiSeS.


So! Long story short, I'll love having Grammy around to entertain Her Highness while I pee.


  1. She is so beautiful!

  2. Happy mother's Day, Amy :) Looks like it was amazing. Great to hear that your momma will be joining you for a while! Hopefully you will manage to score some alone time?! xxo

  3. thank you!! she's doing "tummy time" here...i have to trick her into it on my shins, otherwise she FREAKS OUT.

    and yes! praying for some alone time - maybe in bed?!! ;)

  4. christie10:11 AM

    I wish I could stow away in yo mama's bag. Alas, I will wait until June.

  5. happy belated mama's day!

    i want to come visit you and eat Chipotle! burrito bowls are maybe my favorite food.

  6. Mod Mom! Copy Cop!

  7. I said it on like three other social media services, but HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Harps is precious, and hope you get some Me Time in the next few weeks. Some Me Time AND some Mom Time.

  8. Brilliant tummy time trick. Must steal it. And Harps, my love! You've only been gone a couple of weeks and you look so much bigger and more grown up than last time I saw you. Holy growth spurt! It shows!


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