Tuesday, May 04, 2010


While Harps takes her one reliable nap (the morning variety - usually about 40 minutes - we're 15 minutes in) I somehow bathed, lotioned, dressed, made/drank coffee, and uploaded some new pics. Efficiency gold medalist.

Hadn't hit you with some Biscuit sweetness in a couple days, so here ya go. Check out the drool bubble she's got poppin'. And yes, I do spend most of my days just nibbling on her cheeks.


  1. Her cheeks! And look at her little lips, like a little rosebud!

    And DAMN WOMAN that's some speed. Efficiency chief.

  2. Lauren3:22 PM

    she is SO perfect! gosh, i love the photo updates!!

    hope all is great in CO!!

  3. AHHHH!!! this might be my most favorite pic yet. the cheeks kill me!

  4. i like her little arched eyebrows and almost bald head. as a baby that did not grow hair until i was like... 2... srsly... i feel like we have a special place in the world, us bald ladies.

    she's growing more and more into like baby/little person and out of like... newborn/whatever stage. it's wild to watch. she's gorgeous!

  5. christie3:41 AM

    I love her! How much longer until I can meet her???

  6. aw, thanks for lovin on the harps! she's my lil sugar cake.

    and srsly re: the eyebrow. she arches it all day long, like 'rlly, momz? milk again?'


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