Thursday, May 13, 2010


My full-time nanny mom is leaving tomorrow and I'm feeling a bit bummed. It's been a hah-uge help having her here -- more than I even thought it would be. Not only has there been someone here to help jiggle Harps and comfort her and bathe her and snuggle her, there's been someone here to talk to me all day. Which is huge. I rely a little too much on the company of HGTV hosts (what up, Suzanne Whang!), so it's lovely to have someone around who talks back. (In a good way.)

It's shown me I really need:

A) Some palz. But I knew this and I'm working on it. (Mom group let my punk a&$ in! Waiting on a playgroup assignment, which I think will really help get the friend ball rolling...)

B) Some daytime halp. Not a lot, not a ton. But maybe a few hours a week so I can go for a run ("run" -- more like a determined shuffle) or take a nap or go grocery shopping solo. Or pee with the door closed?

Also realized I'm really looking forward to consistently good weather, where I can frolic in a sundress and put Biscuit in her new $2.99 Target girly shirts. (Hearts! Butterflies! Pink!) Because you know what? IT SNOWED HERE. Snow. On the ground. May 12th. Holy Cow-lorado. (Sorry.)


  1. hahaha, wow.

    Was this your first snow experience?

  2. Oh how I wish...

    I grew up in Massachusetts and my whole fam lives in Maine or New Hampshire. So yeah, I know bouts the snow.

    I've just been spoiled living in SF for 4 years. Plus, snow with baby is new to me. Plus, I'm feeling dramatic tonite. ;)

  3. :(

    get some halp buddy. it will keep you refreshed & help with your sanity. women used to raise babies as a community and i really wish things were still that way... but we have so many other obligations now on top of being a mother.

    <3 <3 <3 <3

    i can't believe it's snowing in may over there. gross. *spits* it was 80 something here yesterday & quite humid, but if it makes you feel better it's pretty miserable and made my feet/hands swell up and i sweated and scared off all my clients.

    lovez to you buddy!

  4. That's ridiculous. I would not put up with SNOW IN MAY.

    Hopefully you can find someone help you maintain your sanity.

    ...I don't run either. I walk briskly then, like, skip for a minute, then I'm back to walking.

  5. It really can be lonely. Very humbling in a way (too humbling if you ask me). Hope you get into a mom's group. I was lucky to find one friend here who has a son the same age as my oldest, so we are able to schedule up meeting at the same time, around naps and all. Found her at our local library, they have free baby and toddler classes. Might be an option there? Hang in there :))

  6. we definitely talked this week about how the "old" way was better -- lots of women always around, pitching in, to help/chat/cook/rock. it's weird/lonesome how we do it now, mostly solo...

    so yeah. friends and (probably hired) help are definitely important. working on it!

    got assigned to a playgroup, which i'm psyched about. and love the idea of library programs, jennie! need to check that out, too :)

  7. buy some coconut


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