Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trying really hard not to write about diapers

Because...that's weird, right? To be really obsessed with cloth diapers? And all the different combos you can do? Prefolds with a (blue! or yellow! or pink!) cover? Fitted (mauve paisley! or skulls!) without? Hemp inserts? Special soap? Cute little bags to hold the dirties?

Harps and I took a trip to a cloth diaper store today. And it was awesome. I got some new stuff for nighttime after chatting with the peeps hanging and working there. Then I skipped out of there and sang a lullaby to Mother Earth.


Okay, um, what else what else what else.


We're still house huntin' over here. If we were on HGTV, we'd be obsessed with stainless steel appliances and a double vanity and an open floor plan and perfectly painted walls and plenty! of! space! for! entertaining! (How many parties do these people have???) But instead, we're still trying to figure out the perfect 'hood for us and how much a yard matters and whether we care about hardwoods. AND WHERE WILL I HANG MY DIPES OUT TO DRY.

F. That didn't work.


Oh! I called a sitter today. *faints* Clay's assistant at work gave us a rec and I finally called her today, after nearly throwing up from fatigue. I'm not ready to head out the door with a jaunty wave, but I think I'm ready to take a nap in the back room while someone plays with Harps. I think. (I'm actually seriously queasy thinking about doing this. So any "you can do it!" words would be much appreciated...)

But wait! Will the sitter be able to do the cloth diaper thing? Will I need to keep buying disposables? Maybe if I get one of those half disposable/half not combinations that'll work? Is there a --

I...I'm sorry. It's hopeless.


  1. Diaper diaper diaper diaper diaper.

    YOU CAN DO the babysitting thing. You sure can! It'll be scary at first but then you'll have FREEEDOM to go places and take naps and shop for MORE DIAPERS.

  2. Aw Ams! I was totally freaked out about leaving Lu alone with a nanny... the first time a nanny went for a walk with her, I stood at the window and watched to make sure she didnt jump into a speedy van and steal her, or smoke cigarettes, or have her face blaring in the sun, or let people touch her.............

    But then I realized we had a great nanny and it was good for ME AND LUCY for her to not be on my hip 24/7.

    You can do it and you'll be proud of yourself and Harps for rolling happily with it!

  3. SO WITH YOU. I've had it up to my eyeballs with Pampers lately. http://verybloggy.com/?p=249

    Next kiddo in cloth diapers. And us mommies get worked up about weird stuff sometimes :)

  4. My husband has been after me to find a sitter to watch the babies (4 & 2) for a few hours a day so I can get some work done.

    I just can't do it.

    The thought of a stranger taking care of my babies completely freaks me out. They won't love them the way family does.

    I guess I will have to put on my big girl panties. If I can find them!

  5. I would be obsessed with cloth diapers too, I think.
    You can do this nanny thing!! The first couple of times are tough, but then you realize that this person has been doing this for so long, she probably knows what she is doing.
    We have a nanny come in once a week because I work 2.5 hours away from Toronto. So I'm not even in the same city to rush home in case there is an emergency. The first couple of weeks, I was convinced she was going to steal my baby... as in I would come back from work and the house would be empty. Now, it's a different story. I'm so glad I get some time for myself and I *know* my son is with someone who knows what she's doing.
    My number 1 advice: hire someone you are comfortable with (you know that gut feeling? LISTEN TO IT!!!). We interviewed around 8 different nannies before we made a decision. We got to compare and see them interact with Bresho. Anyway, this is getting kind of long... let me know if you need any help with this. We've done it twice. Good luck!!

  6. So, I'm not lucky enough to have one of my own yet and I babysit because I need to make money doing something that I enjoy. And it means a lot to me when I'm lucky enough to get to watch a true newbie, because they are so fascinating and constantly discovering. I'm certified in the infant varieties of CPR & Heimlich, and I have quite a bit of experience. Of course you're nervous - YOU MADE HER! And the right sitter for you will get that. Tell them that you're nervous. If they hope to calm your squawking babe while you're away, they should be able to reassure you too. Take your time to choose.

    Remember that you can also schedule a couple of meetings with your sitter, and that t you can set up a short time where you pay her to just come over and play with the babe while you get ready to take her out for the day. That way, you're there while she (or he???) learns the ropes of your house, and you can sort of listen to see if you like the way they interact with the baby. And cloth diapers may take time for a sitter, but they'll figure it out - maybe keep some spare disposables around for a back-up and as a courtesy though.

    You'll get there. When you're ready. And your baby will have a new friend, and maybe you will get to have alone cries. I love those... I mean, not love. You know what I mean. Good luck.

    And let me know if you want some older people recommendations. I think I know a woman doing the masters program at NCT, and I have a great NY friend who just moved there.

  7. @KPG can i hire you??? oh wait. you're right, tho -- i love how you said someone who plans on comforting her should be able to comfort me too! too true.

    and there's definitely no rush, so i should take my time like you said. i actually just said 'no thanks' to the sitter we'd found because it didn't feel right...

    i know i'll eventually find someone good, tho -- thanks for the encouragement! xo


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