Sunday, May 16, 2010

Very important developments

1) Clay bought us a twenty dolla iced tea machine yesterday. My life is now complete. And my teeth are never going to be the same. (Manic ice crunching. Yellow stains.)

2.) Thanks to some hand-me-downs from my lovely cousin, Christie (via my mom's suitcase), I'm now doing the cloth diaper thing. And totally loving it. Wasn't sure if I could handle the change or really understand how to make it work without leaks and catastrophes, but so far so great! We even bundle her bum up at night without issue.

(**Full disclosure, middle-of-the-night post edit: I totally jinxed myself here. Just had our first leak. Doh. Think I'll add an extra layer for nighttime...**)

Only downside so far? Clay's horrified. But let's be honest here; the dude's a great dad, but not a great dipe changer -- even with disposables. So (for me) this isn't a big deal.

Happy to answer any questions thru email for those looking to switch (tho I still have more to learn myself), because I don't want to turn BJA into a potty blahg. But seriously -- if you haz washer and dryer, I can't recommend cloth highly enough.

3.) Harper is rockin' tummy time finally. She used to immediately lose her s%*t when we put her on her belly, but now she hangs out, lifts her head, looks around, and even seems semi-delighted. She eventually cries, but omahgod -- my babe won't still be stuck on her back the first day of kindergarden.

4.) Our first day of playgroup is tomorrow. *obsesses over outfit* And get this -- our little group is called the Junebugs! Perf for our little Harper June, no? Weeeesh us luck!


  1. Wooo, developments. Can't wait wait to hear about the playdate, I know you'll bring some good (hysterical) BJA insight to the people you meet.


    Have a good week, Amy and Harper!

  2. Cindy C8:28 AM

    Enjoy tummy time, Amy. Before you know it she will be crawling, following you everywhere, reaching things you thought were out of reach, and pulling on things you thought were safe and secure. :)
    I wish I were there; it truly will be a wonderful time seeing her developing personality.

  3. yay for tummy time! She's going to be so psyched when she can hold her head up w/ no probs and look around .... have fun at the playdate!!!!!

  4. How did it go? Did you girls have fun at the playdate? I'm sure you will met some nice moms soon. It is so tough moving around. I have done it a lot of times in the last ten years and it was always relatively easy to meet people. Now it's a different story... maybe if playdates had "happy hour" it would be easier?
    Also, I think we will give cloth diapers a try with our next baby. It's kind of intimidating, this whole cloth diaper thing... I hope we can pull it off!


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