Sunday, May 02, 2010

House hunters

We spent this weekend roaming around the city, checking out neighborhoods for our future home base. The two knowns: We're (almost definitely) sticking with renting and we want to find a house. Other than that...we're pretty open.

It's tough to ignore the insanely beautiful mountains, so maybe we want to find a pad out in the country, where I can run around in a petticoat and sing songs about horses. But on the other hand, I really like being close to...things. Like cafes and shops and other places containing human life forms.

Then there's the issue of lots-of-character-and-neatness-but-probably-old-with-bad-plumbing vs boring-architecture-but-shiny-kitchens-and-no-black-mold. Since we're (most likely) not buying, we're leaning toward the latter. We don't have to live in the place forever, so the coolness factor matters a little less; might as well enjoy some newness while I bake cupcakes.

We're enjoying our downtown loft right now and we've got a little time to figure out our next step. I think we'll get a better feel for what's right for us in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I'm busy keeping our delicious lil baby milked-up. She's going through her three month growth spurt and girl can EAT. Good to be doing the nursing thing during these spurts, since mad, intense hunger can hit at anytime and her food source is always at the ready. It's tiring, but definitely handy. There was lots of impromptu feeds throughout our weekend jaunts and I was grateful for our feeding routine.

Sorry, (or you're welcome?) Denver, for all the nipple shots!


  1. Yeah, I'd be tempted by mountains too, but it seems like with a brand new baby girl and needing to get places in a new city, a place IN town might be better -- your'e going to have to contend with Infant Transportation no matter what, and finding the route to get there -- do you want to add longer travel time to that?

    Two of my dancers in dance company are moms, and while they usually didn't bring their babies with, they did have to stop every couple hours and pump. It was really funny to see one or the other under their little tent, and they each loved that there was another Mom-Pumper to commiserate with them. :D

  2. Looking for a new place is a combination of fun and shoot-me-now. We are on the same boat. Looking for a new place that is new AND charming. Yeah, probs not going to happen, right? Anyway, good luck with everything. I'm sure you'll find a nice place soon.


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