Monday, June 28, 2010

All dwe-thed up

Lookin sha-hp for my aunt and uncle's surprise 40th.

In love with those rainbow leggings, a hand-me-down from the cuz.

Sorry, but isn't she getting rather delicious?


  1. Absolutely...and thanks so much for sharing our special day with us!

  2. When was she not rather delicious?!?!

    Also, can Harper let me borrow her rainbow tights? Please? I'll only need to lbs. but I'll make it a work. Or wear them as arm warmers?

    That smile in the first picture is precious.

  3. Cindy9:52 AM

    Both of you girls look sharp! I looked at your picture with Christie on facebook and thought Harper had grown blonde tresses. But no, it was Christie's hair that had fallen just over Harper's ear in the photo. You do look wonderful!


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