Sunday, June 06, 2010

Solo Sunday

The Harpsichord in rare form.

Is yet another weekend really wrapping up? Time is flying lately. Woosh woosh.

It was a good one over here. Yesterday we enjoyed a sunny day at a friend's baby shower, last night there were sushi rolls topped with strawberries, blue Fla-vor Ices for dessert, gummy grins for a nightcap.

And this morning, Clay offered to take Harps on a little daughter/dada field trip to check out some bikes. (For him. She may be toe-touching, but bikes are at least a few weeks away.) At first it sounded glorious! Free time! And then it sounded terrible. Free time?!?! My belly actually turned all fluttery and weird and I started squeezing her all nutjob-like. She can be a real nightmare in the car, so the thought of her sad without me there made me want to die. But I knew I was being ridiculous -- that a) Clay's superdad with her and b) I really needed some alone time. So I said yes.

As they walked down the hall to the elevator I had to force myself away from the door and back in the apartment. There were many awkward deep breaths and hair tugs. (Not what baldy needs.) Before I could vomit, I threw on my bathing suit (ONE PIECE) and ran down to the pool. I had to do something other than pace the halls and mop up my puke.

And you know what? As soon as I hopped in the water and started kicking, I relaxed. I was alone. By myself. Sans...anyone. I pushed off the edge, blew bubbles out my nose, and smiled underwater. I followed up my dunk with a sun soak (haven't done that in ages -- babes and sun don't mix) before heading back upstairs to our balcony. I grabbed a muffin, poured some coffee, and read my first New Yorker in a long while. (You're welcome, David Remnick! I know you miss my readership.) It was heavenly.

They still weren't back, so I headed to the back room for a little snooze. I was packing a whole day of leisure into 2 hours!

They still weren't back, so I ... started to lose it.

Clay had checked in a couple times, so I knew they were alive, however -- was she flipping out? Would Clay pull over if she really started screaming? Did she forget who I was!? Was she slowly starving to death?!

The only thing I could think to do was clean. Clean clean cleaNCLENACLEANCLEANNNN. Swept and swiffered the floors. Started a load of laundry. Sorted through old mail. Wiped down the counters. Threw out old leftovers from the fridge. Organized the bathroom vanity. I got so desperate that I folded our laundry. If you know me, you know this means I was nearing nervous breakdown levels.

However! Just as I folded that last pile of undies, I heard the door click and my two favorite people strolled in. Calm, quiet, all grins. Apparently they had a lovely time -- cruising around, shopping, buying us some lunch. Turns out baby acts happy in the car when she knows mama isn't there to fulfill her every whim. Who knew!

Moral of the story? Trust your baby daddy or you'll end up folding his boxer briefs.


  1. i like calling her harpsy-chord. but spelling it like that. it is what i always wanted to call her in my head & finally did in my last email to you. *nods*


    i'm real proud of you "letting go" of her for a little while :) i don't know how i'll be with all that yet. part of me thinks i'll be complete opposite and need alone time ASAP, another part of me thinks about the fact that me and this little bug have been cuddling for months & months alone, everywhere we go, and i can't imagine her being someone elses (even billy's, sadly, haha)...

    but yes. <3 i'm glad you got alone time. you NEED/deserve it. and harpsy-buttakins will be just fine. she'll never forget who you are, because your boobs are her BFF.


  2. mmmm blue fla-vor ices. delish.

    can't wait to see your face in like... less than 2 weeks!

  3. Aw, first alone time! Congratulations on not freaking out too badly -- maybe you can get used to her absence and have some alone time...once every two or three weeks... ;)

  4. @kalen harspyyyyy. i like. and yea - it's tough to know how you'll feel till she's here! i alternate between wanting to be alone in a bathtub and glued to her side. and yes my boobs = totes bff 4eva.

    @mic squeeeeeeeeee!

    @em omg def not my first alone time. i'd have LOST MY MIND. but -- first time someone took her in a car without me and definitely the LONGEST i've been solo. hopefully i'll get better at it!

  5. I totally remember this! And those times when baby and daddy leave you to your lonesome are few (for us anyway) so definitely enjoy them!


  6. christie11:13 AM

    Libs is sitting on my lap, pointing to Harper and saying, "Baby" and "Pa" (aka pacifier). She can't wait to meet her buddy!

    So, for Mother's Day I asked for a night away in a hotel completely BY MYSELF. By the third kid you are so over the "If I'm separated from my baby, I'll die" deal. I've moved on to "If I have to spend another freaking nanosecond with these clowns, errr, children, I will die."

    Great job on your solo time!

  7. Best story ever... it reads like a book! Also,so me. I would totally freak out and clean like a machine.

    Alone time is great, though.I "had" to leave baby behind to go to work, but if I hadnt, I would probably still be freaking out about leaving him.



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