Saturday, June 12, 2010

The best things in life aren't things however

They can still be purty fun.

Yeah yeah, I know said I was sticking with the truck and Clay was getting something else. But we're all about insane back-and-forth car declarations in this household. Eventually, even he could not resist the pull of the Mighty Subie. And so it was! Uh, is.

Dude's gonna drive the truck and the Mama Mobile is now a kick ass Outback. I learned how to drive on a Subie (maroon, zero get-up, automatic), graduated college driving a Subie (light blue, Allston resident, stick shift), and here I am once again -- driving a Subie (light grey, 3.6V, delicious). I'm in love a duv duv.

*drives to the mountains, singing James Taylor*


  1. You are almost fully assimilated.

  2. Yay Subaru!!
    I love love love ours.

  3. christie4:38 AM

    You pretty much can't be a member of this family without owning a subaru at some point.

  4. Cindy C10:33 AM

    Love the car...wish I had a new one, but I am going to stay with the 152,000 mile Sequoia until the very end. :) Have fun on your trip to the northeast.


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