Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Biscuit in the basket

Hi! My name's Clay and my wife likes to make my eyes look crazy. (And my name's Harper and I'm starting to look quite a bit like my Dada.)

We've got a bunch of babywearing devices 'round here (Moby, Native, Ergo, Comfy Joey, Bjorn) and while each one has its purpose, it really comes down to whatever Harps wants to hang in at the moment. Because lemme tell you -- there is NO forcing her into something she's not feeling. I've almost lost an eye doing that and sorry, but -- I'm quite fond of my eyes.

She definitely goes through phases. For the past month or so, she only wants to face OUT. So that hundy plus I spent on the Ergo? Not worth it just yet. (I think she'll dig it when she can hang out on our backs in a couple months.)

We were borrowing a Bjorn from our pals in SF, but had to return it when we moved to the mountains. But very lucky us made some new pals here in Denver and we got another Bjorn loan. Score! Thank the lawd because she really, really loves it. Today, I was able to shop Super Target*

(*OH MY GOD SUPER TARGET. Have you BEEN!?!?!? Super cheap/cute apparel AND homegoodies AND tons and tons and tons of grocery options? I'm all about organic/local/small shopping, but there is seriously something to be said for 12 different Jell-o flavors, no? But I got so flustered and overwhelmed, peeps. Sweat was pouring and I couldn't even decide on an ice cream flavor. Next time, I will be victorious!)

for over an hour, while she just hung like a happy kanga baby, making the occasional coo when I passed by something she liked. (Milk.) So useful. And, dare I say, cute as 4 dozen buttons?


  1. Does he have rhinestones on his glasses??!?! Hmmm?


    Adoooorable, as usual. She looks so big!

  2. we got the moby the other day (per your recommendation and lotsa other ppls) - i'm afraid it will probably be too hot to baby wear for the first month or so at least but we'll see... i'm trying to learn some of the wraps now to make it easier.

    i've heard great things about the ergo... so we might end up splurging on one of those too

  3. Cindy C9:19 AM

    Clay liked being in a carrier facing out like this. It will eventually take a strong parent to do this duty. (not that Clay is not a hunk, but I mean the back...)Loved the previous picture of Biscuit and Mom, too.


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