Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bon voyage!


  1. Have so much fun!!! You will be stunning! Xo

  2. Have a safe trip! I hope it's all easy travellin' for you and Harper-gal! ciao!

  3. don't cut your hair.

    and i like that her foot makes an accidental appearance a couple of times. she otherwise seems unimpressed. :)

    have funz. if you're not online much then send me text messages if something dirty and fun happens. i will send you one if i pop out the baby.


  4. Cindy C.8:31 PM

    Have a great trip. A couple of weeks? How will we make it? You look great and Harper too. I know you are dying to stop by Texas on the way back...or not. It is soooo hot and humid.

  5. Yay for the East Coast! Have a great time!

  6. christie5:03 AM

    Can't wait to see you cuzzzzz!!!!

  7. I'm delighted that Miss HJ will get to see the beauty of New England. I really hope we can connect while you're here. xoxo Em

  8. Why am I always at work when I check your blog? Couldn't watch this on Friday or today...I'm about to watch it on my sneaky iPod so no one will know! (I can risk playing the video but can't turn the volume up in the middle of my cubicle row.)


  9. OK, I FINALLY commited to watching this on my iPod and I'm glad I did, you two are so frickin' precious, I adore you both.

    I always felt so so so awkward doing video blogs, that's why I stopped. The pinnacle was when I was in some fancy church in Germany ALL BY MYSELF and I was 98% sure no one was in there and no one would come in but just in case, I was being really, really quiet but then I'd mess up and so the filming took about 100 hours.

    Also my camera broke. So I don't do them anymore.

    BUT my point was, I feel your pain about looking at the picture instead of the camera. ;)


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