Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Docta and pixie

So we love our new docta docta. Perhaps he's not (half) as handsome as the last, but he's a lot less too-cool-for-school-look-at-my-surfboards. He's young and has a 6-month-old baby lady, so he's really in tune with what's typical for Harps' age. And whenever he had some advice to give, he'd preface it with: "But this is just my take on it! Do what works for you!" It was nice.

Lil Junebug Bucket is still in the upper percentiles of growth (mostly in the 80's) and ahead of the game with her toe touches and rolling over. Woot woot for hardcore tummy time! She'd rather chill somewhere else (my arms), but mama forces her onto that playmat all day long. I'm like a really boring gym teacher, with only one game. Anywho -- I liked getting the props for her acrobatics, as it didn't come easy! (Read: many, many tears.)

As for sleep, sounds like I've trained her to eat too little too frequently. Common issue with breastfed babes and hopefully, since I'm attacking it early, shouldn't be impossible to fix. It will take time, but I'm confident we can gain some extra hours. Might not be for a month or so till I can really tackle things, since we've got a big trip back East planned as well as moving to the new house (IT'S ALL I THINK ABOUT), but yeah. I feel better about my future zzzz's.

And last night, extending a small olive branch to her sleepy mama, Harps fell asleep around 9:15 and slept till 1:00. Not bad! 'Course I woke up in a sweat, convinced the BFG had stolen her because I hadn't heard a peep. But progress, progress.

In other news, I'm sort of becoming obsessed with the idea of a pixie haircut. My thin hair is so limp and ick these days and gets greasy just from the effort of making coffee. Plus, Harps pulls on it all the live long day. No, I'm not breaking out the pleated jeans and white tennis shoes (though I am jonesing for some old school Keds) with a stereotypical soccer mom look -- I'm talking super super short. Thoughts? Yes? No? Am I insane? Halp.


  1. Great to hear how well your adorable baby is doing!! She's beautiful! Re: the hair cut, I say go for it!! I would never be able to pull a short-do, but you're super cute, so I'm sure it'll look good on you.

  2. If you want short hair, do it! I think you would totally rock it, because you have bone structure and all. Just know that I'll be insanely jealous of you, because I've always wanted short hair, but since my cheeks look about the same as the ones Harper is sporting, I can't pull it off.
    Plus! I bet you can wear cool headscarves/headbands/other awesome things!

  3. Clearly I am the wrong person to ask about chopping your hair off. OBVIOUSLY you have to. Done. You're doing it. ;)

  4. I think you can rock it, hot mama. Do what you want to do! If you're happy, it'll show. :) (that was a wee bit corny, my baaad) But really, I think you'd look great w/ super short hair.

    Yay for knowledgeable-not-pushy doc! He sounds great.

    I can't wait to see pictures of the new house!!!!

  5. i'm all for the new 'do! hair grows back so go for it (connect four!).

  6. umm... all this hair talk. how about photo props!? What a great looking photo...err baby.

  7. I love my pixie cut. Love it. So easy to style.

  8. have you ever had short hair?

    i would only do it if you have experience with it, as i think ppl who say it's "easier" to fix/deal with are big fat liars. or just really blessed with magical tresses.

    and i'm glad you have a solution to the sleep thing. here's to hoping it works for you!

  9. YES for the pixie! but preface... it will be hard to grow out.


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