Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harps gets serenaded

We get a little out of control in this family with the sing-a-longs. Harps shook an almond-filled container and looked in awe at her uncle. She loved it, but note to self? Save the concerts for earlier in the day or she'll take a bajillion hours to wind down and fall asleep. (And please excuse my obnoxious mama giggle.)


  1. A. Your brother has a really nice voice! What song was that?
    B. Harps. Adorable, as ever. Still SO BALD!!
    C. Your mama giggle is adorable, don't apologize.
    D. Who was singing harmony there for a second?
    E. <3

    PS. I am still at work so I loaded this page, saw that there was a YouTube video, opened up your site on my iPod Touch, then watched it...then came back to my computer to comment faster. DEDICATION.

  2. a) hey, thanks! (on his behalf.) song = the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald by gordon lightfoot.

    b) omg she's going to be bald for years. or at least many, many months.

    c) at least i wasn't baby talking. that gets scary.

    d) oh, that'd be my mama.

    e) <3!! i owe you emails and love. muah. you're da best.

  3. so adorbs! this video has given me the strength to live through this hellish work day. :)

  4. Harper is fully involved in cute. I have replayed many times, hope I don't burn it up.

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