Thursday, June 10, 2010

Humble piez

I'd just written mama-to-be Kalen an email, begging her not to keep baby-to-be in the carrier seat all the time, like those "women in target who strap their baby into the baby seat and attach it to the cart and tool around and ignore them. booooo."

Fifteen minutes later, I was pulling into Whole Foods with a sound asleep baby in the back of the truck. If I moved her into her stroller, I wouldn't be able to push both it and the food cart. (Still working on harvesting that third arm I so desperately need.) If I woke her up and put her in the Bjorn as planned, she'd be missing out on precious napsleep and be miserable. So, uh, I put her on the cart and, uh, tooled around Whole Foods.

As I was paying up, I snapped the shaky shot above to send to Kalen. Because of all the advice I like to throw at her (sorry, frand!), this is probably the most important: As a mama, you have to eat your words about 12,876 times a day. It's...pretty fillling.


  1. Done that! I'm now notorious for breaking a huge shopping cart rule of the all...Letting the Bear sit int he big part of the cart. Yeah, I have things I need to do efficiently some days. I don't like to backtrack into the aisles 50+ times in one trip to find where the eff he ran off to. So he gets int he big part, I can move around the store quickly and Ta Da! We're outties in record time!

  2. i LOLed at the picture and saved it for future reference.

    i've been eating my words over a "subject" for the past few months, as you know, by consuming large amounts of candy and gaining more weight than i probably had to (40+ lbs)



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