Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Slow days

Other than our doctor's appointment yesterday, Harps and I haven't gone anywhere this week. We've got a big trip a week from tomorrow with lots of to it (flight to NYC! lots of wedding festivities! train to Boston! car ride to Maine! etc etc etc), so I'm trying to keep this week super low key and restful.

But good God, sometimes low key and restful = OUT OF MY SKULL BORING.

There's just so much we can do together.

We've got the reading of books.
The singing of songs.
The tummy time'ing.
The Bumbo bumbling.
The naps in my arms.
The naps in her bouncer.
The naps not in her crib.
The walks in the stroller.
The walks in the Bjorn.
The checking of the mail.
The sitting on the balcony.
The sitting and staring into space.
The picking at her cradle cap.

And all of that gets done before noon.

Sometimes, I swear she looks at me after I've gone pee and come back into the room, and sighs. Like really? You again?

If you can't tell -- we're still on the hunt for pals. *talks to myself*

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