Friday, June 04, 2010

Soon I'll look like her

No joke, guys. I had just weighed myself and done a little happy dance because the number was a pound lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you kindly, nursing/carrying-baby-all-day/genes/no-time-to-eat! Things don't look exactly the same as before (it's all still a bit...soft) but hey! It's not like I was a bikini model before. (I suddenly have a tiny -- very tiny -- amount of sympathy for those mamas who were.)

So I hop in the shower, feeling pretty dang good about myself. Get my hair wet, pour some cucumber shampoo in my hand, lather up, feel the hot water on my face, PULL OUT FIVE POUNDS OF HAIR.

I am not lying.

Well, it might not have weighed five pounds. I'm not sure anyone's hair weighs that much? Even in its entirety? But whatev. You know what I mean.

I guess I should change it to FIVE FISTFULS OF HAIR.

Because that's what it was. Big chunks and clumps and handfuls of my innocent locks.

I knew this happened to other postpartum ladies. But nope nope nope not me; I truly thought I'd escaped the shed. Turns out it doesn't kick in till around 3 months post-baby. So just as we're starting to regain some normalcy to our appearance, we get hit with the bald stick. For shame, hormones!

And that massive loss was only Day One -- which happened about three weeks ago. It hasn't stopped since. I try and clean up after myself, but there's just so much I can do. The end of the first week, Clay got into bed at night and asked in a scared whisper:

"Are you sure you're okay?"

Because it looks like I'm dying of some mysterious illness, where all I want to eat is cupcakes and fake margaritas.

But I am okay. Just bald. And tired. And squishy.

Enjoy your weekend, those-with-hair! (And those without. I'm just a little less jealous of you.)


  1. "Because it looks like I'm dying of some mysterious illness, where all I want to eat is cupcakes and fake margaritas."

    oh honeyz. that is no mysterious illness. you have a case of kalenitis. <3 i suffer with you.

    not really looking forward to going bald because my hair is already so fine/thin. :(

  2. I'll share? I have too much! EmmySuh Locks of Love PostPartum Wig donation?

  3. This is one that doesn't make sense to me - you would think evolution would have taken care of this. Bah.

    On the bright side, isn't it supposed to grow back super thick? I've heard hair can change with pregnancy, which gives me hope that someday I will have the curly hair my siblings got but I somehow missed.

  4. The weird part for me? I have always had straight hair, I mean pathologically straight hair. The hair that grew back after my hair fell out after my last baby? Curly. So now my hair is partially straight and partially curly. WTF am I supposed to do with THAT????!!

  5. dude.. you can have some of mine. i ain't kidding either! i'm planning on donating it so we can just make you up a wig instead. ;)

  6. Yeppers, this happened to me too. I would have to clean the shower drain a few times before I was even done! It was so bad. But, it does stop, I promise!

  7. the exact same thing happened to me at 3 months post partum, i hate to say- it doesn't get any better. mine is still falling out and i seem to be finding hair everywhere! i'm praying that i'll have my thick hair back some day. just don't dye it/highlight or anything while it's falling out, it'll make it worse.

  8. i lose a ton of hair every day in the shower. like...a disturbing amount. like...we have to buy Drano alll the time. and i have no children! eeek. i am doomed.

  9. Yup, happened to me too -- twice. Also, my hair broke off in weird places (like along my part and at the nape of my neck), so when it started to grow back, I had these little hairs that stood straight up like crazy until they were long enough to put into the ponytail or pin back...geesh. And I'm still pulling out fistfulls in the shower, but I was always a shedder. Meh, could be worse, right? At least we're not sprouting hair on our chins or in our decolletage!

  10. So now that Lucy is almost 1, my hair is starting to grow back. I have a boys haircut underneath my long hair. it's INTERESTING.


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