Friday, June 11, 2010

This (very shaky) video is mostly for my brother

Also known as Uncle T.

But I also like it because it looks like I'm letting Harper drive a la Britney. (Don't you miss her crazy days??)

This was post our nursing session in a one stalled, no-lock bathroom in Starbucks. With a quick top up in the car. (You can see my quick did-I-button-my-shirt? check) Ah, the dignity of nursing.


  1. hahaha groovy...

    rubberband band man

    soon it will be time for froggy went a courtin'

  2. Which means, by the same token, no Radiohead. Unless she's hangin with her dadz.

  3. Get her here- quick!! We're tired of waiting to meet the little cutie.

  4. christie4:17 AM

    The girl got moves!


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