Monday, June 07, 2010

Totally confused

Where in the world did the past four months go? I mean...huh? That picture above is Harps on her way home from the hospital. It seems like yesterday, truly. But also, oddly, I feel like I've known her forever and ever. Strangeness.

Tomorrow we've got her four month check-up with a new docta docta. I have a feeling his eyes won't be as blue nor his teeth as shiny as our SF dude. Sigh. I probably won't even bother looking cute.

Curious if she's stayed in the upper percentiles of growth and ready to ask some questions about sleep. Because people. I'm trying not to dwell on it, but she wakes up every two hours all night long. There are no 4 hour chunks, let alone 5 or 6 hours. So yeah. I know he won't have any magic answers for me, but I guess I'm looking for a "It's normal/it'll get better" reassurance. Here's hoping.

And yeah. Shots are in order, too. Gag a maggot!


  1. i can't get over Harps's hat. looovvveee it.

    hope you get some long zzzz's soon!

  2. Aww happy 4 months, little HJ! Hope the sleepy situation improves!


  3. So is she still nearly 100%?

    Glad shots went okay!

  4. happy 4 months. hopefully she'll start sleeping through the night for you :)

  5. Cindy C7:35 AM

    Let us know what you can about doctors comments. Probably something like, "This is most likely the prettiest baby I have ever had as a patient." Sleep will come for you and Harper; I remember rice cereal being the Tylenol PM for my boys. Hang in there. I also like to hear what a great dad Clay is...warms my heart.

  6. Adorable little hat! So cute.

  7. I wish we'd kept it! Our night nurse (named June, incidentally) made it for us out of the plain jane hospital hat. Loves!


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