Sunday, July 25, 2010

Belly laughs

Our little Harpspants is a real tough crowd when it comes to laughing. Smiles? Non-stop. But laughs? Woah. Hard to get. Like her dad in that sense, I s'pose. (Unless you're Richard Pryor, he probably won't give you a giggle. It's not your fault.)

We've probably gotten a good belly laugh out of HJ...three, maybe four times? And what works the first time will certainly not work the second time. Because by then, of course, it's super old news and completely unfunny. So I work my ass off all day long trying to get it out of her. And because it's super random, I never know when my work will finally pay off.

Although there is a slight theme to her comedy taste. I'd probably call it...vaudevillian?


  1. Cindy C11:09 AM

    Wonderful vid! Your blog is the first thing I check each day...hoping something will be on there to update me with the Colorado crew. I wasn't disappointed today. Thanks for going to the trouble.

  2. amy...i am just checking this to see if my gmail account works. Cindy C

  3. LOLZ.

    :) her little rolls folded over like that in that bumbo are RIDICK.

  4. best thing ever.

  5. this kills me. repeatedly.


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