Monday, July 26, 2010

My two dads (and a dog)

Bugaboosugar's Uncle Lee has been hanging with us since Friday, getting me ice cream when I bat my lashes and killing the bat in our basement. (I know. I'm thinking of moving.)

It was a total trip to see her figure out the Lee and dadzone combo.! But...they...aren't...the...same?! MOM!MM!O!!M!??!?!?!

She whipped her head back and forth between the two of them for five straight minutes, trying to get her bearings. Good thing I don't have me a sissy -- she'd probably implode.

Lee brought his dog Cocoa along and I admit to being a wee bit nerv before they came. HJ hasn't been around dogs before and I had no idea how I'd she'd react. But then...I met Cocoa and completely relaxed. What a little bug. Harps has something of a hair fetish and will grab any and all hair in her path. Coc's totally went with the flow, occasionally lapping up some baby sweetness, but otherwise napping it all off.

She be licking my hand, momz? MOMZ?!
But it's cool. Cuz I got her ear. And I'm wearing a dope bow.

After much thought...I'm into this lion all up in my cribz.


  1. the bow!!!!!! oh my lerd, that is the most adorable thing i have ever seen!

  2. So cute that girl is! Love that she's doggy friendly!

  3. So, to infer from your captions, in your head, Harps sounds like a mixture of a white-gangster and Lolcatz?

    I can dig that.

  4. I read your tweet that said," Lee found a bat in the "finished" basement; I guess I'll be moving." I thought Lee found a baseball bat, was showing ya'll his homerun swing, probably knocked a hole in the wall somehow in the "finished" basement, and you were going to have to move! Love those homographs. Wonderful pictures...

  5. Hope Harper is having a grand old time with her uncle pants. And loving the new blog look!

  6. isn't that bow hilarious?? clay doesn't like it when i put them on her, but they crack me up. and NO ONE asks if she's a boy when she's rocking it!

    and yes. hj = white gangster cat. duh.


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