Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bring yo' own baby yoga

So I haven't updated lately on how I'm doing with the make-new-friends-before-you-start-talking-to-a-volleyball project. My current grade would probably be a...C. Well, C-. Our trip home was a big undertaking and then we started the move and, well, it was easy to forget about my friendless status. (Don't you always want to pronounce that "stay-tus" like the Brits? Just me?)

But now that we're slowly getting settled at the new pad, it's slowly sinking in that I need to get a l-i-f-e. Luckily, I have made a couple pals in town that I'll hang with/walk with/yard sale with. But it's not regular and I need some regularity. That came out wrong.

It's hard to get motivated, though. Especially because I found out a couple weeks ago that one of my best friends (and birthday mates woot!) is taking the SF-to-Denver train, too, (we send missionaries -- BEWARE) and soon I'll be able to hang with one of my favorite people on a very regular basis. However. I still need other friends. I know. I know.

I'm mailing in an application today for Mom Group Numero Dos, which I have higher hopes for. I'm researching music classes and swim classes and French lessons (okay, no) for bubs. I'm trying to be chattier with other mamas when we're out and about at King Soopers/farmers market/Target. And yesterday, I tried my first BYOB yoga class.

Wasn't quite sure how I was going to get any actual yoga done with my sidekick there and all told, I really didn't. Sure, I fit in some deep breathing and a few downward dogs, but much of the time was spent making sure Biscuit didn't escape her little square of real estate. And/or talk so loud they brought in the authorities. The teacher made it clear that "anything goes" (mostly referring to breastfeeding, I think), but holy loud chatting from H bomb! She literally did not stop talking/squeaking/singing the entire time. Yoga really moves this one, yo! Luckily, the other moms were great and thought she was hilarious (she is, she is!) instead of annoying.

Okay okay, but I jumped too far ahead. The best part was the beginning of class, when the teacher asked us to go around the room and talk about how we're finding time for "me time" (the gist of all the answers was...we're not). A little touchy feely, but hey! I went to theater school. I can nail this.

It gets to me and I explain I'm finally getting a little alone time because Biscuit is sleeping better these days. And she asks me what I think has helped her make the shift. And I launch into my no-more-binky/eating-solids/more-physically-active-now spiel. And she's nodding and smiling and adding commentary. Largely in the "that's just what Dr. Sears says" flavor. (Which, I don't know. I used to like the man. But now I don't. I actually want to punch him. But that's another post. If I ever get the energy.) Anyone who quotes that dude to me as their One True Source is...probably not going to be my best friend.

So then! I go

"Oh! And I let her cry more now, too."

And then THE DARKEST CLOUD OF ALL TIME descended upon her face.

Like I had just said

"And I like to punch her in the face, too!"

She doesn't say anything else. Just pauses. Swallows her barely-contained-disdain and turns to the next mom.

"And you?"

It was nothing short of amazing.

But! I liked the other mamas -- they weren't fruitcakes who sang every cheesy Namaste song out of key -- and think I'll go back, just as a fun routine, just as a place to be with other people living the baby life, just as something to do every Wednesday. And hey! Maybe I'll even ask one of 'em on a date next time. Maybe.


  1. We're getting an Ikea in 2011 at least, so there is that! I've been debating whether or not to camp out. Seriously.

  2. Sooooo she sounds a little too judgey for someone who said "anything goes." Whatever, though - I', glad the other people there were good. Have fun!

  3. Crying it out is just fine! Our babies still love us! Plus it made mine not such a wimp anymore. He's now the toughest kid around and it makes me so proud that I don't have to coddle him every second of the day.

  4. I looove this entry, vair funny. I wish I could have seen HJ crooning away during yoga. Actually babies + yoga sounds like a right good time...or to watch, at least!!


  5. @Les ooo! something to look forward to...I'm so lost without it :/

    @Celina the funny thing is, i'm still a wimp. i just let her cry 5 or 10 minutes if i can tell she's exhausted and everything else is fine. doesn't everyone do that at some point?? i love how it's some sort of controversial method. oh, mommy wars - what a delight!

  6. Cindy C4:15 PM

    Harper and Lee will be instant buds. Clay can verify that Lee was verbal nonstop from early, early on. (Even though for the first few years only Clay could understand what Lee was saying.) Made for an interesting combination...Clay the I-will-speak-with-you-when-there-is-something-relevant-to-speak-about and Lee. I am so jealous that I won't get to see Lee holding Harper; send pictures, please.


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