Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini Clay

Looking lots like her papa. Beatles onesie from superCanadian, Jordan.

The Chesney and me, out on our swing. It's one of my favorite parts of the house -- a totally enclosed porch, only accessible through our living room door, with perfect neighbor-spying sensibilities. H and I like to read books out there or just quietly rock and enjoy the shade. When Clay gets home from work, we light a Citronella candle and crunch ice together while we talk about our days. Or quietly surf the Internets side-by-side as the sun sets. Ah, romance.


  1. Ah, Harper always looks so intense, whether she is smiling or frowning.

    I LOVE PORCHES. My dream house will have a porch.

  2. Harper in the sky with diamonds...

    *twinkle, twinkle*

    So cute. Hair down, I spy? Looks fab from what I can see. Diggin' the new layout.

    p.s. the two things that would make my life absolutely complete: a front porch with a breezy swing and a double oven in the kitchen...sigh. Maybe in my next lifetime?

  3. @em -- yea, it's the brows methinks. cc and i both have srsly intense ones and girlfriend is doomed to a life of plucking. better than eyebrow pencil?

    @mandy -- i do believe hair was semi-up-semi-down in a really awkward mom scrunchie situation. let's not talk about it. and i bet you'll get both of those things one day! orrrrrrrrr you could just come visit my porch? ;)


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