Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby jorts

I wanted to post a video of Harps belly laughing, because man -- that's a good way to start the weekend.

But I'm still on a weak sauce Internets connection and after 4 failed uploading attempts, I'm over it.

So instead? I present to you -- baby jorts:

My mom bought those puppies for her and I totally forgot about them until last week. They were HUGE when when she got them in April, and now? They are almost cutting off her thigh circulation. Damn those delicious turkey legs!

Her auntie Noel bought her that scrumptious striped halter.

Her mama and dadpants bought her the bald head.

This picture makes me chuckle because it's 5 seconds after waking up from a nap. Rosy cheeks, bed "hair", fuzzy eyes, and her little Chesney grin.

Will you please excuse me while I make a cup of tea and dip her inside to sweeten it?


  1. the halter is causing me pains. SRSLY. IT IS PAINFUL TO SEE HER IN IT.

    video plz. make it work.

  2. AHHH stripes and little capri jeans and smiley and cheeks. I can borrow? Just for, like, two hours, then you can have her back.


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