Thursday, July 29, 2010

If you give a girl a cracker, if you give a girl a mouse

Homemade grahams from our new friend, Mandy! SHE LOVES THEM.

Lil mouseman from our old (but young) friend, Lauren. SHE LOVES HIM.

Would it be obnoxious to tell you what a dee-lite HJ is these days? Yes?

*twiddles thumbs*


I'm just smitten over that marshmallow bucket.




  1. I think she totally looks like you. It's precious.

  2. I think it's the eyebrows that make her seem so expressive. Have you been coaching her?

    And re: your comment on mah blawg, yes, I'd totally love to come ruin a meal by attempting to cook with you...

  3. Ok, THESE are my favorite photos of her yet.

    I love how she is just hanging out with her arm around the mouse, like, "Hey buddy - let's chill."

    You must explode from cuteness on a regular basis.

  4. Harper is "serious" about consuming that her expression and I agree it must be the eyebrows. Did you decide on a high chair, or is that a booster type chair. I am so exited about seeing you all and holding her. I hope she will think I am a Daddy-Mom that kind of looks like her Dad and Uncle Lee :+) I so look forward to your blog, and the new look is refreshing.

  5. @celina: aw, thanks. i thought she used to, but now i only see her dad! doh. he's pretty, tho, so i'm cool.

    @meredith: i do explode! in fact, i'm in pieces right now...

    @cindy: she'll love all the extra love she's got comin' her way...we got a booster -- guess i should update on that since i posed the question woops.

  6. christie8:33 AM

    Love her!! Want to smoosh her!


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