Friday, July 09, 2010

Why would I want to push my babies AWAY?

Super amazing obviously-made-just-for-Harps onesie from our awesome pal Nikki.

We're moving tomorrow (fhoeureapr er!!!) so I've been making sure to get my fill of the fancy coffee down the street from our current digs. I like to go in the late morning, when the air is still a little crisp, and put the Biscuit in some sort of carrier. She loves to see the cashier and the other customers and the passing cars. (Serious car obsessive, this one.)

Now. I absolutely own a stroller and absolutely use it quite a bit, but because it's really lightweight and streamlined, it doesn't have a cup holder. And so when I'm buying coffee, I need my hands.

Today, I went in, ordered my iced latte and then stood by the counter. The barista-types were oohing and aahing over Harps and I made her give a little fake wave. Then they turned to each other (two feet from me) and started chatting. Loudly.

Girlpants One: "You ever see that movie Away We Go?"
Girlpants Two: "No -- is it good?"
Girlpants One: "So funny. About parents trying to find the right way to raise their baby. And there's this great part where they hang out with this one chick played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. And she's nuts and will only wear her baby in a carrier! She's like "WHY WOULD I WANT TO PUSH MY BABIES AWAY?"
Girlpants Two: "Hilarious! Can you imagine? Not using a stroller? Ew!"
Girlpants One: "I know! I don't get the carrier thing AT ALL!"


Did I unknowingly put on my invisibility cloak?

In other news...happy Friday!


  1. Ha! HEY YOU'VE GOT A CUTE BABY, two seconds later, WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? Weird.

    Hope you have a great weekend and a smooth move in. Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Kinda like the time a woman came through my line at the grocery store i worked at - she was w/ a friend & started talking about her son, who i gathered from the small talk was about 3-5 years old. anywho, she goes on to say that her son had informed her he wanted to be a cashier when he grew up. she makes this ..disgusted/ashamed face & tells her friend that she told him, 'WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BE A CASHIER. Absolutely not!!!"

    Two feet away. I'm a cashier lady, I'm not deaf OR dumb. People are just whack, ames. Carry harps all over the damn place in a carrier and do it proudly! ;)

    I really hope everything goes GREAT with your move! I already can't wait to see pictures. Have a good weekend, mama. <3

  3. Hahhaa - pushing baby away.. funny.

    Good luck w/ the move! I know moving can be stressful, but i'm looking forward to your updates.

    Love Harp's outfit, btw!

  4. Cindy C3:54 PM

    I will help you paint if you get the ok. Or I will entertain Harper while we watch you paint. Good luck with the move, and I love the little Biscuit shirt. Guess it might be a dry weekend as far as Blue Jean Amy blog, but we will all be ready to hear about the move.

  5. sometimes i just want to murder other people.

    in other news...what a cute little tounge on harps!

    good luck this weekend! moving is never fun, but that house of yours is so worth it!

  6. Don't you know? Mothers are invisible. I never knew it either.

    I was the cashier in a store. She was taking the stuff off the hangers, etc. A woman came up and attempted to take one of the items I was buying. I WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE!!

    Immediately after that bizarre move, a guy came up to the cashier, WHILE I WAS STILL WAITING THERE, and said to the cashier, "Are you busy?"


    It reminds me of the David Rakoff story where he is sitting in a seat in a movie theater, waiting for the movie to start and a woman comes up to him, points to his chest and says, "Is that seat taken?"

    People suck in such random ways!

    Good luck with the move.

  7. ha! i love these stories. thanks for sharing, ladies :)

    another one? i was riding a shuttle in college, wearing one of my trademark (ratty) wool sweaters. these girls across from me were going on and on and ON about "white girls who only wear stupid sweaters what the hell"


    invisibility rocks!

  8. Awwwwww yay biscuit obedience! That tongue and those baby legs.... omg.

    And yea I hate it when people treat moms like We're invisible. MOM > SNARKY COMMENT MAKER.





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