Wednesday, July 07, 2010

T minus 3

Built in the 1920's from a Sears kit.
I want to hug it and then brush its hair.

Not that I've done...anything to prepare for it (well, a few loads of laundry and lots of late night mental obsessing), but in three days we be moving! I remember it seeming years away when we signed the lease and now -- woot!

I can't even tell you how ready I am to get into OUR OWN SPACE. I still have an insane need to nest and, uh, there's no nesting in temporary housing. I get by with my cloth diaper fixation and cleaning the sink five times a day, but I'm itching to mop some floors and decorate a nursery and hang up a clothesline and cook a pie. Peach perhaps?

Sometimes I find myself staring into space, dreaming about how I'll arrange my basement laundry room. Not exactly what 18-year-old-me would have imagined for 28-year-old-me (that would have been Broadway, thaaaanks), makes me insanely satisfied and at peace, this life I have. Go figurez.

The furniture and boxes (our stuff! I haven't seen it in months!) are getting dropped off Saturday and then...the chaos begins. Huzzah and hey!


  1. Cindy C8:36 PM

    Congratulations. I had a reproduction of the fixture on your yard light in the picture. This looks like the perfect first house for the new family. Send interior pictures if you get a chance. Cindy

  2. It's flipping adorable! Can't wait to see pictures of the inside.

    Yay for houses - I desperately want one. You will have so much fun!

  3. ohh LOVE! this pic makes me want an actual house...and this is probably the first time i have ever said that!

  4. Yes, that is the first time she's ever said that.

  5. I remember when I first started reading you, you had just moved into your (last) house in San Fran. I'm excited to see pics of the new place.

    Is there a room for your Kentucky Nanny?

  6. thanks, ya'll! (and sorry, jim...)

    p.s. to be clear, we're renting the cutie pie. not buying. if you knew my husband in real life, you'd have heard his reasoning... so yeah. just fyi!

  7. Looks super cute, can't wait to see indoor pics. I'm so in love with living in a house vs. an apartment, so DOMESTIC. Have fun :)

  8. Love it!! Congratulations to you three :) It's gorgeous... I'm sure you are all settled in now and loving it!
    Love catching-up on your blog after my little bloggy-vacay. Harps is getting cuter every day. She looks so big now!!


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