Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Waiting on her waitress

This is what my happy baby looks like:

She saw me mashing her avo and started freaking the f out.

On the hunt for a highchair, since me sitting on the floor is too much for my old lady knees to take anymore. Any recs?

In other news, I've become the bounty hunter of wasps. They seem to be a special deelite of Colorado summers and I'm always worrying they're about to eat H's face.

Every other cleaner/product in my house is non-toxic, but put a can of Raid in my hand and I will go warrior on those bastards.


  1. i dunnoz if it's your style, but i like the space-saver high chairs that just strap onto a regular kitchen seat. you can sit in another seat & feed them, they can use the counter (or the little tray), it makes them feel more like part of the fam, and you can travel pretty easily with it.

    shrug! :)

  2. happy baby! too cute!

  3. Cindy C8:01 AM

    Because I hope you and Clay have about five children, get a high chair that is substantial. You know,the type that will hold a whole cake on Harper's 1st birthday. Wasp...terrible here. Come back to the same nest each year in the soffitt(sp) of the eaves at my house. Also, kill or injure one, and it emits a chemical that lets soul mates know he is in trouble. Be careful; they are bad dudes.

  4. So I've never actually seen this high chair, but I wanted to get it so badly. It grows with your baby and even an adult can us it (once it's converted to a regular chair, of course). We used an old antique wooden high chair that I bought at a flea market, like, a total of three times. I'll explain more in my email.

    Anyway, here's a helpful link:

    p.s. wasps suck. I'm a all-natural mama too, but forget about smoking them out or willing them to go away, grab the RAID, point, spray, and wish those little devils a better rebirth ;)

  5. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Do not get a high chair...get a booster me. The high chair takes up so much room and you can use it if you go to someones house

  6. thanks for the tips, peeps!

    i'm torn.

    i def like the booster/portable one b/c it's small and i can travel with it, but...right now we don't really have any seats to strap it to. (we have 2 v skinny/armless dining room chairs. on the hunt for something else.)

    i think we're also keeping our kitchen table-free and i like feeding her in there, so...hmm.

    @mandy -- i loveaduv that seat. i want to smooch it. plus it would look v cute in my homey home. and how weird that i'm planning on flea marketing this weekend and was thinking i'd maybe find a vintagey one there??

  7. serendipity made us friends, but who knew we were cloth-diaperin', yoga-lovin', java and donut-consumin' soul mates? :)

  8. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Do you have an island? Seats like this are pretty handy too and are great space savers.

    Get one of these to go with, and you're all set!

  9. Oh my gosh....when I saw this pic I had this haunted feeling- like she looks like a tv celebrity or I have thought of who!! Spanky from "Our Gang" :) (1930s kids show)

  10. Much luck on the war against wasps.

    We have the stokke tripp trapp and LOVE IT! So versatile and grows with her... But you can certainly get more bang for your buck with a standard high chair. Lots of people love the space saver one that straps onto seats! Alas us weirdos have benches at our kitchen table instead of chairs.

    Also, this pictures is DEEEEEEEEEEEEEELISH.


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